Nicolas Cage is not interested in the Star Wars Universe

Nicolas Cage has revealed he will rather feature in a Star Trek movie over a Star Wars film.

Star Trek and Star Wars have long shared a rivalry, with both franchises releasing some of the best sci-fi films and books in the world. Each has its own set of fans who have always enjoyed arguing about which is better. Now, Ghost Rider actor Nicolas Cage has waded in on the debate and revealed his preference between both universes.

star trek nicolas cage
Nicolas Cage has revealed he is a Trekkie and has no interest in featuring in a Star Wars film.

During a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment’s Kevin Polowy as part of a press run for his new film, The Old Way, Cage was asked if he would feature in the Star Wars Universe if he had the opportunity. The 59-year-old star didn't mince words and said he wouldn’t. However, he revealed that he would love to star in the Star Trek Universe aboard the iconic U.S.S. Enterprise.

Cage went ahead to explain the reasoning behind his decision. He revealed his opinion on what science fiction should focus on and he appreciates Star Trek for its approach to science fiction films, which he believes is superior to that of Star Wars.

In his words, "To me, what science fiction is really all about, and why it’s such an important genre, is that is really where you can say whatever you want, however you feel. You put it on a different planet, you put it in a different time, or in the future, and you can without people just jumping on you. You can really express your thoughts… and Star Trek really embraced that. I thought they got into some serious stuff. I'm not in the Star Wars family, I'm in the Star Trek family."

star trek nicolas cage
The veteran actor stars in the recently debuted Western film The Old Way.

Cage added that he has always been a Trekkie as he’s loved the franchise since childhood and continues to do so to date. To prove this, he revealed he followed the original William Shatner-led Star Trek series that debuted in the 1960s. He also stated he is a fan of Chris Pine’s portrayal of Kirk in the 2008 reboot of the Star Trek series.

Given Cage’s revelation, fans of the Star Trek franchise will be hoping Paramount Pictures takes note and includes him in the next installment of the Star Trek series. Cage is a veteran actor and any franchise, whether Star Trek or Star Wars, will benefit from his experience and pizzazz.

However, Paramount will have to move fast as the actor is currently enjoying a renaissance that is seeing him in high demand. His new film, The Old Way, debuted on January 6 and is currently showing in cinemas. He is also in conversation with Disney to star in another installment of the National Treasure series and could potentially feature in a musical in the nearest future.

For now, fans will have to settle for seeing Nicolas Cage in The Old Way and the horror flick, Renfield, which will debut on April 14.

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