Nick Offerman might have just joined HBO's The Last of Us TV series

HBO's live-action adaptation of PlayStation's award-winning series, The Last of Us, might have just gained the services of Nick Offerman.

Nick Offerman has one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. Even if you don't know him as a celebrity, you've probably seen him in a movie or TV show before. Now, he's about to add even more acting credits to his name as the Parks & Rec star is reportedly set to join the ever-expanding cast of HBO's The Last of Us, a live-action adaptation of PlayStation's exclusive franchise that bears the same name.

Most people will remember Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation.

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What kind of role will Nick Offerman have in The Last of Us?

Rumor has it that offerman tried to audition for the role of Joel.

Offerman has played many roles in various TV shows and movies over the years, but most remember him best for his role on Parks and Recreation as the "rugged outdoorsman" that served as Leslie Knope's boss, Ron Swanson.

According to Murray Barlett in an interview with The Guardian, Nick Offerman is set to join The Last of Us to play an undisclosed role. Barlett explains that his character, Frank, will share several scenes with Offerman as well as Con O'Neill's Bill. Of course, while one of the show's actors is a legitimate source of intel, it's still best to wait for HBO Max to make an official announcement regarding Offerman's role in the TV show.

With that said, since Barlett and Offerman share multiple scenes, we can assume that Offerman's character will be a survivalist as well.

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Offerman is arguably one of the most underrated stars in Hollywood.

HBO first confirmed the live-action adaptation of The Last of Us back in March 2020. As we've already mentioned, the upcoming TV show is based on Naughty Dog's action-adventure title bearing the same name. The award-winning title was first released in 2013 just as the PS3 was nearing the end of its lifecycle. It served as a final hurrah for Sony's exiting flagship console and was later re-released for the PS4. The game won several accolades and is beloved by fans. Many believe that The Last of Us is one of the greatest pieces of gaming in history.

Earlier this year, HBO shared a singular teaser image for The Last of Us featuring Pedro Pascal's Joel and Balle Ramsey's Ellie. In addition to these two, other cast members of The Last of Us include Gabriel Luna as Tommy (Joel's brother), Merle Dandrige, Anna Torv, Jeffrey Pierce, and Murray Barlett.

As one of the actors suggested by fans to play the role of Joel, it will be interesting to see what HBO ends up doing with Offerman. Joel and Bill are both out already, which leaves Offerman to play either an original character or as David, Henry, or Eugene. Regardless of his role, it's safe to say that Offerman will bring his signature acting style and help The Last of Us' ensemble cast grow even larger.

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