Nick Khan on tension between Triple H and Vince McMahon

According to Nick Khan, there's no tension between Triple H and his former boss/father-in-law.

If you're a fan of Nickelodeon's Avatar animated series, you're familiar with the phrase, "There is no war in Ba Sing Se." In the years since the 2005 classic animated series premiered, the phrase has become a sarcastic expression implying that the truth about the said statement is the exact opposite. So, when Nick Khan said there's no tension between Vince McMahon and the current WWE Creative Head, Triple H, you can't blame us for not believing him.

nick khan tension triple h vince mcmahon
Nick Khan insists that all's good between Triple H and Vince McMahon.

Nick Khan recently became the sole CEO of the world's leading wrestling promotion when Stephanie McMahon stepped down following the return of her father, Vince McMahon.

In the days since, the WWE has been bombarded with rumors about uncertainty and confusion regarding who's in charge and if Vince McMahon is gunning for his former role. Although Triple H is reportedly still calling the shots, fans can't help but wonder if McMahon's still running the show behind the scenes. Or, if he isn't, whether or not he's okay with letting someone else take over the WWE after he spent decades in the same role.

For now, Khan wants everyone to know that the father- and son-in-law are on excellent terms after appearing on the Bill Simmons Podcast to say:

I think Vince is really happy with where the company is at, certainly that is what he has conveyed to me.... What he said to me, and I've certainly experienced is, 'Okay, I'm 77 now. I want to explore our strategic alternatives. Is there a sale out there? Is there a merger out there? What would make sense most for the company?

nick khan tension triple h vince mcmahon
We're still not convinced that Vince McMahon is okay with letting someone else take over the WWE.

All signs point to Triple H remaining as the King of Kings for the foreeseable future, as he should. Khan added in a separate interview that Triple H will decide if McMahon will make another on-screen appearance in the WWE.

The WWE is at a critical juncture right now and any turmoil could have a negative effect on the roster's performance as well as public perception (and a potential sale). If McMahon wants the WWE to sell to the highest bidder, it's best to leave it as is. Friday Night SmackDown recently posted its most-viewed episode yet. If Cody Rhodes' return at this year's Royal Rumble is any indication, the event could draw a lot of eyes as well.

nick khan tension triple h vince mcmahon
If it's any consolation, no one is better equipped to shepherd the WWE into the future than Triple H.

With only a few months to go between now and Triple H's first WrestleMania as the head of creative, the progenitor of the billionaire walk might want to avoid pressing the issue and just leave his son-in-law to do what he does best.

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