Niantic developing Monster Hunter Now for mobile

The Pokemon Go maker has partnered with Capcom to develop the augmented-reality game for Android and iOS platforms.

The upcoming title will use augmented reality technology as Pokémon Go.

Capcom is taking a page out of Nintendo's book by releasing the Monster Hunter franchise on mobile platforms. 

Capcom has reportedly partnered with Pokémon Go maker Niantic Labs to make a new mobile game. The upcoming title will be called Monster Hunter Now and is set for release in September.

According to Capcom, Monster Hunter Now offers players "an approachable hunting experience that can be enjoyed as part of everyday life." Like Pokémon Go, the upcoming game will use location-based technology and augmented reality to encourage players to explore real-world places, saying:

In the game, players take on the role of hunters and embark on an adventure during which they hunt vividly lifelike monsters that appear in the real world.

Players can team up with others to hunt monsters.

Players will be able to join up with other gamers to hunt monsters. The game also allows players to hunt monsters while the app is closed.

While the game is set to release later this year, a closed beta will commence on April 25. Those interested in participating in the closed beta can sign up on the game’s official website.

Niantic Labs has done well with Pokémon Go. The game has been a smashing success with fans of the Pokémon series, especially the live game events where players travel to a specific location to find rare Pokémon. Monster Hunter Now will share the same augmented reality technology where players can find monsters in the real world.

"The notion of majestic monsters roaming around city streets was extremely compelling as a real-world game," Kei Kawai, Niantic’s chief product officer, said during an online press briefing.

Monster Hunter Now will retain the 14 distinct weapon classes from the series. However, players may be switching weapons more frequently in the upcoming mobile title. The developer hopes that players try out more weapons which is a departure from other titles in the series which encourage mastery and specialization of a weapon type.

Players can use all 14 weapon types.

The battles in Monster Hunter Now will only last a maximum of 75 seconds. The developer aims to capture the essence of Monster Hunter battles in a short window that is suitable for outdoor play. Some of the mainline titles have prolonged battles that can last more than ten minutes.

The Monster Hunter series isn’t as popular as the Pokémon franchise. However, the game’s popularity has increased in recent years as titles have been released on multiple platforms. Capcom and Niantic hope to have another hit on their hands with the upcoming mobile title.

"I strongly believe we have a hit on our hands," Kawai said. "We do want to have this game last a very long time."

Capcom is also partnering with Tencent's TiMi Studios to make a mobile Monster Hunter game. The upcoming title will recreate the same Monster Hunter experience for smartphone users. 

Monster Hunter Now is coming to Android and iOS in September.

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