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Niantic Announces Pokemon Go Valentine's Day Event Details

Niantic Announces Pokemon Go Valentine's Day Event Details

Pokemon Go Developer Niantic has announced the game's Valentine's Day event details. Last year's Valentine's Day event introduced Generation 5 monsters like Audino and Alomomola. Pokemon with pink color made their way into increased wild encounters, qs rewards for Field Research, and as part of Raids.

This year, Generation 5 Pokemon Munna and Musharna will be made available in the game for the first time. There will also be various increased spawn rates of Pokemon. The Valentine's Day event runs from February 14, 2021, until 8 PM local time on February 18, 2021.

What Are The Pokemon Which Will Have Higher Spawn Rate For Valentine’s Day?

Below is the list of Pokemon which will spawn at a higher rate or you can get by hatching 5km eggs.

Pokemon Event Effect
Cleffa Hatched from 5km eggs
Cottonee Hatched from 5km eggs
Eevee Hatched from 5km eggs
Feebas Higher spawn rate
Igglybuff Hatched from 5km eggs
Illumise Higher spawn rate
Luvdisc Higher spawn rate and hatched from 5km eggs
Minun Higher spawn rate
Munna Higher spawn rate and hatched from 5km eggs
Nidoran (F) Higher spawn rate
Nidoran (M) Higher spawn rate
Plusle Higher spawn rate
Togepi Hatched from 5km eggs
Volbeat Higher spawn rate
Woobat Hatched from 5km eggs

Legendary Eon Pokemon Latios and Latias are back in five-star Raids. This Valentine Day event will also reward any Gardevoir or Gallade which evolved during the event with the move Synchronise.

The following Pokemon will also appear in Raid battles:

One-Star Raids

  1. Ralts
  2. Volbeat
  3. Illumise
  4. Munna
  5. Espurr

Two-Star Raids

  1. Togetic
  2. Espeon
  3. Umbreon
  4. Gardevoir
  5. Gallade
  6. Alomomola

Mega Raids

  1. Pidgeot
  2. Gyarados
  3. Ampharos

Other Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Special Features

Niantic Announces Pokemon Go Valentine's Day Event Details
Grabe 3 Remote Raid Passes bundle now!

There will also be an increased chance to become Lucky Friends with another Pokemon trainer in your area during this event. All the Pokemon that are traded in during this event will have an increased chance of being lucky. A three Remote Raid Passes bundle is also available in the shop, this can only be bought once and is only for this event. Trading distance is also increased to 40km and the chances of receiving berries for free during trades are also increased.

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