Leaker claims that an NFT FPS game from former Halo developers is in development

It appears that a couple of devs with stacked resumes have decided to get into the NFT hype with a free-to-play AAA FPS title designed to help users make money.

Can you imagine if you could make money out of every headshot that you landed in Call of Duty or Halo? No, we're not talking about winning prize pools in competitions either. What we're talking about here is something that you're probably familiar with already, what with the internet already going crazy about them.

An upcoming NFT game wants to help you make money by fragging enemies.

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Is the free-to-play NFT FPS game real?

If the rumors are true, then the upcoming NFT-based AAA FPS game is a potential game changer.

As NFTs become more and more mainstream, more established developers will inevitably try and get their slice of the proverbial pie.

Enter - a couple of devs with experience working on Halo and Call of Duty.

According to Tom Henderson, who most recently leaked the baffling name of Call of Duty 2022, an NFT-based online shooter is set to launch sometime in 2023. Of course, this is not confirmed yet, so be sure to take what you're about to read with a grain of salt. But, when you consider Henderson's track record, it's at least worth keeping an open mind about the reality of such a title.

Henderson unveiled his latest scoop on Twitter where he detailed that the upcoming NFT first-person shooter would play similar to Escape from Tarkov. This suggests that the basic gameplay is to go inside a map, loot, and sell the gear that you extract from each map in exchange for cryptocurrency or money. Henderson also added that gamers will get extra foreign money when their custom maps perform well.

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The most interesting part about Henderson's leak is the studio behind the unnamed title. He claims that the studio had experience with Halo, Call of Duty, and The Division. Furthermore, Henderson added that the developers are working closely with "prime FPS influencers".

It remains to be seen just how much of Henderson's leak is true or not. However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that this was an eventuality. NFT-based games have been around for a while. Now that they've become mainstream, more NFT-based games are going to come eventually. Audiences should expect more reputable studios and developers to try and take advantage of the growing popularity of NFTs.

With that said, we can only hope that this AAA FPS title lives up to the billing. Otherwise, it might end up being just a plagiarized and re-skinned copy of an existing game, just like that NFT game that Nintendo shut down recently.

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