The next Bungie game could be live-service and free-to-play

Despite the success of Destiny 2, Bungie is looking towards its future by dropping hints of its next project via job listings.

Bungie is no stranger to making AAA games. Before working on Destiny and its sequel, Destiny 2, Bungie was known for its work on the Halo games. The studio focused exclusively on the Halo franchise for several years before splitting from Microsoft in 2007. Later, Bungie entered a 10-year publishing deal with Activision that eventually led to the creation of the Destiny franchise in 2014.

A job listing suggests that Bungie could announce its next game soon.

As the studio's flagship game, Bungie is all-in on Destiny 2 and it shows. Bungie expects to continue supporting Destiny 2 with at least three more expansions until 2024 and beyond.

Yet, despite confirming that it's got its hands full with Destiny, Bungie is still looking towards a less Destiny-dominated future, and a recent job listing might have just hinted at what Bungie's next project is going to be like.

What is Bungie’s new IP going to be like?

People will expect a lot from the next Bungie game.

When you consider how influential the Destiny games have been in their relatively short time in the industry, Bungie's next game is going to face heavy expectations.

At the moment, Bungie hasn't provided an official announcement about its next IP. However, thanks to hawk-eyed observers and job listings, we can make out specific details about the next Bungie title. Like, for example, that it will likely be a free-to-play title with a live-service model, which would be no different from the Destiny games.

Just recently, a new job listing was spotted that shows the studio looking for a senior marketing manager to work on its new IP. It describes the role as for someone who would "help drive awareness, sales, and growth for the next Bungie IP."

What is even more interesting is that Bungie specifically lists the need for the applicant to have "experience with enterprise-scale live operations, games as a service, MMO, F2P, and mobile."

Now, is the next Bungie game going to be a mobile title? Probably not. At the same time, we don't think that Bungie would put the words "MMO" and "F2P' on the list if it did not describe its next game.

Is this all related to Matter?

To refresh your memory, in 2018 Bungie filed a trademark and a unique logo for Matter, a new video game product. Coincidentally, Bungie entered a $100 million agreement with NetEase around the same time. It doesn't take an expert to put two and two together to make out the strong possibility that the next Bungie game will have a strong online component.

As we've already mentioned, Bungie is expected to release more expansions for Destiny 2 in the next couple of years. This makes it less likely that the job listing is for Destiny 3.

Regardless of what it is, we're hoping that they decide to reveal more details about their next IP soon. Bungie is expected to hold a Destiny 2 showcase in August.

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