Activision just teased the newest Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map, Farm 18

Farm 18 is a map that heavily favors close-quarters combat set in a factory surrounded by overgrown vegetation.

Slowly but surely, Infinity Ward has begun unveiling more details about the upcoming Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 2.

Newest Modern Warfare Multiplayer Map Farm
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's latest map looks like it was a labor of love designed specifically to help make playing as fun as possible.

This time around, Infinity Ward took to social media to release a sneak peek of the marquee shooter's newest multiplayer map, Farm 18. As we've mentioned, it's nothing much, just a snippet of what we can only presume is a much larger preview coming soon. But, if it's any consolation, the video does provide a few seconds' worth of gameplay footage alongside two developers who shared their thoughts about the new map.

Newest Modern Warfare Multiplayer Map Farm
Barring any last-minute changes, Modern Warfare 2 is scheduled to come out on October 28.

Geoffrey Smith, who is the multiplayer design director for Modern Warfare 2, explains that Farm 18 took inspiration from Shoothouse, a popular map from Modern Warfare. The result is a map with a central warehouse where all the action will take place. Meanwhile, the senior environment artist, Ashley Thundercliff, took the time to break down how the team achieved realism without affecting gameplay. It definitely looks like the team over at Infinity Ward put in the hard work to make Farm 18 look like an abandoned factory with overgrown forests.

Here's the teaser from the official Call of Duty Twitter page:

Circle your calendar folks because Call of Duty next is coming on September 15. Activision Blizzard's upcoming showcase will feature key details about Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and possibly Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.

The multiplayer beta will also kick off just a day after the event. The first weekend, which is exclusive to PS4 and PS5 players who pre-ordered the game, will start on September 16. Other platforms will have to wait until the 22nd to start playing Modern Warfare 2.

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We're not sure what Activision will include in this upcoming Modern Warfare 2 beta, but if you've been playing Call of Duty for a while, we suppose you already know what to expect.

Speaking of Call of Duty, details about the scrapped Black Ops 4 campaign have emerged online. The leaker responsible promises to divulge more about what he knows on the 18th in a 30-minute video.

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