Newest GT7 lets players swap engines at the Tuning Shop

Update 1.34 also adds three new cars including 1,200 BHP hotrod.

Polyphony Digital finally gave fans what they have been asking for as the latest update for Gran Turismo 7 lets players swap engines at the Tuning Shop.

GT7 brings new tuning options for race cars.

Update 1.34 brings one of the biggest changes to the racing simulation game. Prior to the update, players had to rely on Roulette Tickets to obtain engines. The update opens up a ton of tuning possibilities and will surely excite players who have already maxed out their cars.

The new content also includes three new cars including one that previously won the 'SEMA GT Awards'. The update also adds two new Extra Menus and two scapes.

The Engine Swap update

Players can now buy engines like regular tuning parts.

While Update 1.34 is light on content, the ability to swap engines is a big change to Gran Turismo 7. Players can now buy engines just like normal parts and install them on compatible race cars.

This allows players to experiment with tuning as swapping engines drastically increases the power of the racing car. Some engines bump the horsepower by two or three times but negatively affect the handling.  

Players who already reached level 50 can also unlock the Ultimate tab in the Tuning section. Racers can add rare parts and unlock even more tuning options. It will be interesting how players utilize this new feature in the game. Veteran racers may come up with some ridiculously overpowered builds.

New cars, Scapes, and Extra Menu items

The Maverick is a 1200bhp beast.

Aside from engine swaps, the new update also adds the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce '67, Greening Auto Company Maverick, and Nissan GT-R NISMO (R32) ’90.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce '67 is an extremely popular high-performance coupe from the 1960s. It features a compact lightweight body giving the car great handling which compliments its high-end sportscar engine.

Greening Auto Company Maverick won the 'SEMA GT Awards' during the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas. The car is based on the 1971 Ford Maverick and features a 7L Windsor V8 small block with two turbochargers. The Maverick produces 1,200BHP but can be uncontrollable during initial acceleration.

The Nissan GT-R NISMO (R32) '90 is the Group A version of the Nissan Skyline that is already found in the game. The GT-R Nismo will feature aerodynamic upgrades, modified exhaust, and a new spoiler.

There are two new Extra Menu items coming with Update 1.34.

Also added to the game are two new Extra Menu items:

  • Extra Menu No. 22: 'SEMA Gran Turismo Award' (Collector Level 37 and above)
  • Extra Menu No. 23: 'Group A' (Collector Level 33 and above)

The new update features two scapes: 'National Stadium' and 'The Lake District'.

Gran Turismo 7 is available on PS4 and PS5. Update 1.34 is now available for download.

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