The newer and lighter PS5 is already out in Australia

The new PS5 model isn't expected to come out until September 15.

The PS5 might have become heavier on the wallet, but newer units will literally be lighter.

We're curious about the changes Sony made to the new model to make it weigh half a kilogram lighter.

Japanese retailers were the first to reveal the CFI-1200 model, but their info stated that it wouldn't come out until September 15. Yet, for some reason, Australian retailers got first dibs on the less-chunky beast of a console and sold it early to a lucky handful of consumers.

It's believed that the new PS5 model is around 500 grams lighter. This would put the standard PS5 at around 3.9 kilograms and the Digital Edition PS5 at 3.4 kilograms. The new PS5s are still heavier compared to the PS4 Slim (2.1 kilograms) and the PS4 Pro (3.3 kilograms) but it should make the new PS5 weigh a lot less than the Xbox Series X (4.45 kilograms).

Unfortunately, nobody's been brave enough to take apart the new PS5 console yet, so we have no clue as to how the internals will differ from the original model. Last year, someone shipped the then-new CFI-1100B model to the United States to see why it's significantly lighter. For that particular model, Sony redesigned the heatsink to take up much less space at the expense of higher but still-safe operating temperatures. We can expect the CFI-1200 unit to make similar changes.

At this rate, a PS5 slim would weigh nearly as much as the PS4 slim.

If nothing else, a lighter PS5 would allow Sony to ship more units at the same time for the same cost. Hopefully, this will result in substantial savings and encourage Sony to pay a premium so that it can have access to more of the necessary micro conductor chips amidst the ongoing shortage.

Speaking of consoles, both Microsoft and Nintendo have confirmed they're not increasing the prices of the Xbox Series S/X and Switch, respectively.

Ray Ampoloquio
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