New World's 2,000 player server cap has taken the fans by surprise

Amazon Games' new MMORPG, New World, has launched, but the 2,000 people server capacity has resulted in the long queue waiting times.

Amazon Games' new MMORPG, New World, has officially been released, but the excited player base was disappointed by an extremely long wait queue to join the game. New World is currently the most played game on Steam, and the active player base peaked over 700,000 in the last 24 hrs. The game was at the top of Steam's playlist with over half a million concurrent players at launch.

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According to MMO population, there are currently over 440,000 daily active players. Amazon Games initially had over 170 servers ready at launch, but increased this number to 200 as demand increased throughout the day. Even then, the developers still failed to catch up to the demands of over 700,000 players.

New World queue times are ever-growing as more players join. This is perhaps because Amazon has decided to limit the servers to only 2,000 players each, at least until they’ve completed further testing. A Redditor named zweimtr posted a screenshot showing the servers running at full capacity with thousands of players waiting in the queue. The average wait time of one of the servers was over 200 hours!

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The server and long queue issues were directly addressed by the official account of New World on Twitter.

While the players try to jump into the game, streamers are also having difficulty joining and being able to play and stream. Amazon has decided not to give queue priority to streamers.

This was apparent when well-known Twitch streamer, Asmongold, struggled to get into a server, as seen in a clip posted to Reddit.

Asmongold finds out that there wont be any queue priorities for streamers from LivestreamFail

The decision received mixed reactions from the community. The majority of the players appreciate that Amazon is giving everyone an equal and fair chance to play, but a small percentage called out New World's developers for missing a promotional and marketing business opportunity.

As struggling players wait for their chance to actually join a server, those who have already joined have not experienced any significant issues. The players who managed to play the game have commended its overall positive in-game experience.

While Amazon has not yet decided to raise the server capacity, they’ve come up with a temporary solution of opening new New World servers to cater to the increasing number of players.

All we can say is to hold your horses a little longer, as we do expect Amazon Games to fix this issue in the following days or weeks.

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