Fans are furious following sudden New World server transfer changes

Despite the overwhelming success of Amazon's new MMO, New World, it appears that fans aren't happy with how Amazon is handling server transfers.

It's not unusual for video games to experience an influx of players at launch. MMO's, in particular, are prone to this. As a temporary solution, Amazon asked players to join servers with low wait times for its new MMO, New World. This way, Amazon could work on increasing the population cap of all servers. The only problem is that Amazon promised players they could transfer and play on a server with their friends later.

If it's any consolation, Amazon's New World MMO has mostly been a success so far.

Unfortunately, a week after New World's launch, it appears that Amazon has backtracked on its earlier promise. As you might expect, fans are demanding that Amazon lives up to its word.

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"You can move between regions" means differently for Amazon

As you can see from above, Amazon clarified that players could move between regions, as well as servers. Because of this, players went to the first available server, regardless of region. This way, players could avoid terrible queue times. Unfortunately, it appears that Amazon might have just lied about its earlier statement as explained in a recent forum post FAQ.

Amazon just clarified that their original information was incorrect. The truth is, players can only transfer characters to worlds within the same region.

To no one's surprise, fans are complaining about how they're wasting their time playing characters in servers without their friends. The worst part here is that there are other server transfer restrictions in place as well. In addition to limiting players from transferring regions, Amazon hasn't solved the server capacity problems yet. Because of this, players still can't transfer their characters to a full world. Not to mention, players cannot transfer characters to a world where they have existing characters already.

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TLDR; Amazon wants players who initially joined servers in other regions to make new friends instead.

Regardless of their solution, Amazon needs to solve this problem asap.

Kidding aside, this is a dilemma that Amazon will want to solve soon. New World hasn't been out for a month yet and it's already receiving this much backlash. How Amazon handles this could decide the future of New World. It would be a shame if the MMO loses favor among its growing player base just because Amazon failed to convey the correct information upfront or doesn't compensate affected players properly.

The way that we see it, even if Amazon can't let players transfer in between regions, the least it could do is to give players who are stuck playing in different regions something that would make it easier to start from scratch.

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