New Warzone hack lets players instantly max out their weapons

All it takes for cheaters to max out their weapons is a single kill in the latest hack for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Hacking is a major problem in Call of Duty: Warzone. However, the latest exploit found by cheaters is something that a lot of people could use right now. Instead of having to grind through several levels of Weapon XP to get access to all the attachments for your favorite gun, the more technically-inclined Warzone players have found a way to let you do this with just one kill.

New Warzone Hack Max Weapons
It remains unclear if Activision and Raven Software will ban those caught using the Weapon XP exploit.

Get all the attachments for every gun in Warzone with one kill

New Warzone Hack Max Weapons
If it's any consolation, RICOCHET is working on other exploits.

Who has the time to grind these days? Even if you take advantage of the Double XP event throughout the holiday season, players will still need to spend several hours to get every attachment available for all the guns. This can get especially annoying when a gun that you haven't played much becomes meta. But, thanks to the latest hack, you can max out your weapon's ranks with just one kill.

As spotted by Timthetatman, hackers are now using glitched lobbies to let players max out their weapons after getting just one kill with a gun.

Not that we're condoning cheating or anything, but perhaps Raven Software and Activision should take the time to look at the popularity of this loophole. Perhaps the developers might want to take the time to reconsider just how long it takes for players to max out weapons. Until this happens, more and more players will take advantage of this.

If you're wondering what Activision and Raven Software are doing about this problem, we don't know. The RICOCHET anti-cheat system, which went online just a little over a week ago, doesn't appear to work on this exploit.

Ultimately, it's up to players if they want to use this opportunity to max out their weapons without much effort. The developers haven't commented on this hack yet, but we can guarantee that they're looking for a way to patch it. Once they find the flaws responsible for letting this happen, we can expect Raven Software and Activision to fix it up and get things back to normal. The only question left by then is if the developers will punish those who used the exploit and/or if players can keep all the Weapon XP earned using this unscrupulous method.

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