New Video from Abandoned Developer Spells the End for Kojima Theories

For the past couple of weeks, audiences have kept themselves busy and entertained trying to prove that the exclusive PS5 horror title, Abandoned, is actually a Silent Hill game from the enigmatic auteur, Hideo Kojima.

Abandoned's Game Director just released a new video showing his face to clarify that he is not Hideo Kojima.

The speculations have even escalated to the point that fans have expressed disappointment after Konami released new Silent Hill merchandise that's, in no way, related to Abandoned.

BLUE Box Game Studios, the small-time developers behind Abandoned, has already gone on record to clarify that it is not affiliated with Kojima nor Konami. Instead of squashing rumors, the repeated denials have only gotten fans hyped for the possibility that this is all just a ruse.

With all that said, a new video from BLUE Box Game Studios' developer might spell an end to all of these rumors.

BLUE Box Game Studios Dev Appears on Cam to Prove He's Not Kojima

BLUE Box Game Studios Game Director, Hasan Kahraman, has just released a new video that squashes all rumors that he is Hideo Kojima.

In his brief video message, Kahraman clarified that he is not Kojima nor is he associated with him. He also added that he is a real, living person and not an actor that was hired nor was he working on Silent Hill. He then ended the video by expressing his desire to hold a Q&A sometime in the future where he would have a chance to talk more about Abandoned. However, he declined to give a date as to when exactly this would happen.

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This isn't the first time that BLUE Box Game Studios has refuted rumors that it is part of an elaborate ruse. However, this marks the first time that Kahraman himself has come out to deny everything.

Regardless of whether this is all a ruse, Abandoned is looking like an awesome exclusive.

It certainly seems like this would spell the end for any Silent Hill or Kojima fans holding out hope that Abandoned is a Silent Hill or Kojima game. Then again, we wouldn't blame some for still waiting for a surprise reveal despite the confirmation. There are just too many coincidences between Kahraman having the same initials as Kojima or the tweet from BLUE Box hinting at the studio revealing a new title starting with an "S" and ending with an "L".

If it's any consolation, all of these rumors could only serve to help BLUE Box Game Studios. The added hype comes just days before the official gameplay reveal of Abandoned. So, if nothing else, the indie developers could use some added marketing before it shows off the game on June 25.

As for those looking forward to Kojima's new game, Death Stranding is getting new content for the PS5.

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