The new Venom 2 trailer is teasing a lot of Carnage

The new Venom 2 trailer shows more of everything that made the first movie so good.

Sony might no longer have exclusive rights to Spider-Man, but it hasn't stopped the studio from using other associated properties to kickstart its attempt at creating an entire cinematic universe.

The new Venom 2 trailer is teasing all the right things to get audiences even more hyped up for the Spider-Man spin-off sequel.

Case in point, Venom.

2018's anti-hero film, which stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and the titular symbiote, grossed over $856.1 million in the worldwide box office on a $100 million budget, which all but guaranteed a sequel would be released.

Now, we've got a better look at the Venom sequel, which is officially titled "Venom: Let There Be Carnage", via its latest trailer.

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What's new in the latest Venom 2 trailer?

The latest teaser for Venom 2 isn't afraid to start things off on a high note, with Venom telling Eddie Brock to go "snacking on bad guys".

It appears that Venom 2 is going to double down on the buddy comedy elements that made the first film such a big hit. However, unlike the first movie, Venom 2 will see Tom Hardy's Eddie go up against someone who is equally powerful if not more lethal and dangerous with Woody Harrelson, who made an appearance in the first Venom movie, taking on the role of Cletus Kasady and his alter-ego, Carnage.

The new Venom 2 trailer gives excited fans their first look at how Harrelson will bring Cletus and Carnage to the big screen and what better way to announce your arrival than by scaring the symbiote Venom back into Eddie's body?

As the sequel's primary antagonist, Cletus and Carnage are no pushovers. It'll be interesting to see just how much carnage (pun intended) these two will wreak once the film premieres.

In addition to more of Carnage and buddy comedy, the new Venom 2 trailer also sees Eddie learning how to deal with the reality that his almost-wife, Anne Weying (portrayed by Michelle Williams) is now with someone else.

When is the Venom 2 premiere date?

As if a sign like this is enough to stop Venom from eating anyone.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage will arguably serve as Andy Serkis' biggest directing project to date.

As we've already mentioned, the anti-hero movie will star Hardy, Harrelson, and Williams. Stephen Graham, Reid Scott, and Naomie Harris will join the trio as part of the cast. As we can see from the trailer, Peggy Lu will also return to reprise her role as Venom's favorite shopkeeper in the sequel.

Just like every other big movie scheduled to release within the past year or so, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the production of Venom 2. The studio has no choice but to delay the movie from its original October 2, 2020 release date.

Since then, Venom 2's premiere date has been delayed multiple times. Venom 2 should've premiered on June 25, 2021 before Sony decided against it and pushed the premiere date back to September 17, 2021. It was then changed so that the film would premiere on September 15 and 24 in the UK and United States, respectively. Hopefully, this is the last of the delays and Venom 2 will finally release as intended.

Speaking of anti-heroes, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson just finished wrapping up filming on the DCEU's Black Adam, which is set to premiere in July 2022.

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