Broken Lizard drops exciting new update about Super Troopers 3

Fortunately, fans won't have to wait another 15 years to see the hilarious Spurbury troopers make a comeback on the big screen.

Comedy troupes have been a staple in the entertainment industry since Hollywood's inception. From The Three Stooges to Monty Python, and now to Broken Lizard, these bands of comics have brought laughter to audiences for decades. If you're familiar with the latter, chances are you've seen their cult classic film, Super Troopers. If that's the case, then you'll undoubtedly be thrilled about this next bit of news.

During an interview with, Broken Lizard revealed that they are currently developing the third film in the Super Troopers franchise, and there is a chance that filming will begin later this year.

Jay Chandrasekhar: "It's the hope. We have 10 drafts done and we're going to work on another draft in a few days as soon as this [Quasi] tour is done. So yeah, hopefully that'll be next."

Paul Soter: "Usually it's sort of 20 is the minimum on drafts. But I'm hoping we accelerate it."

Erik Stolhanske: "It was originally written as a trilogy, so we have to finish the trilogy."

This is great news and, funnily enough, not surprising. The sequel to the first film was released 15 years after the original premiered.

Super Troopers follows a group of five Vermont state troopers who spend most of their time on the highway, pulling over motorists for minor infractions and playing pranks on each other. However, when their station is threatened with closure due to budget cuts, the troopers decide to prove their worth by cracking down on drug trafficking in the area.

The first film in the series hit theaters in 2001 and received a mixed response from audiences and critics alike. Despite this, the film managed to rake in $23 million in box office revenue, exceeding its $3 million production budget. However, the sequel, Super Troopers 2, encountered challenges during its development phase.

Studios were uncertain that a sequel produced more than a decade after the original would resonate with audiences. Nevertheless, after launching a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised $2 million within 24 hours (and a total of $4.7 million), the project was ultimately greenlit.

Quasi is based on the 1831 novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo.

Broken Lizard's latest film, Quasi, is now available to stream on Hulu, after being released by Searchlight Pictures as a Hulu Original on April 20.

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