Ubisoft is planning a new Tom Clancy game announcement for July 19

It looks like the rumors of Ubisoft's free-to-play multiplayer shooter, Project BattleCat, were real.

Ubisoft's military shooter titles based on the Tom Clancy novels (well, some of them are) are some of the longest-running and beloved games of all time.

It looks like Ubisoft is preparing to announce Project BattleCat on July 19.

So, you can only imagine just how much of a gut punch it feels when Ubisoft delay or cancel a new installment. All the same, fans have a reason to feel excited whenever Ubisoft announced a new Tom Clancy game.

Both of these things happened over the past week, with a new Tom Clancy game set to be announced soon.

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What is the new Tom Clancy game?

Project BattleCat will reportedly take elements from Splinter Cell, The Division, and Ghost Recon.

In case you missed it, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction took a big hit last week following Ubisoft's unfortunate announcement that it was going to postpone its release to 2022.

This obviously left fans feeling deflated. After all, we were all excited to finally get the chance to play Extraction this September. It was one of the rare opportunities for a Tom Clancy game to have a sci-fi spin. Most of the time, Tom Clancy shooters are either set in modern or near-future settings with fairly realistic themes.

The good news here is that Ubisoft seems to empathize with its disappointed fans.

As it turns out, while Extraction is still going to be delayed until an undefined date in 2022, Ubisoft is planning to announce a new Tom Clancy game.

The announcement of a forthcoming new Tom Clancy game announcement comes from Ubisoft itself and is just as big of a surprise as the delay of Extraction. The short but simple tweet refers to the reveal of a new Tom Clancy game on July 19 at 11:00am PT.

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Ubisoft was careful not to mention other details outside of simply saying that "things are going to get wild", but it did let a short clip pass by, as shared by IGN just a minute after Ubisoft's announcement of the new Tom Clancy game. From what we can tell, the new game is a first-person shooter with team-based gameplay, which is not unlike what we've come to expect from shooters like Call of Duty and The Division.

The best example of the game playing similarly to the latter is that we see a player using an activation shield to block enemy gunfire for a couple of seconds.

These events would seem to confirm earlier rumors that Ubisoft was working on a new FPS title based on The Division. Project BattleCat was reportedly a shooter with elements from both Splinter Cell and The Division. The rumors died down because the game wasn't announced at E3 2021 as expected, but it is possible that the leaked information was true and that the development team just needed a bit more time to prepare the product for a proper showcase.

Having said that, fans of Tom Clancy games won't have to wait too long to find out what the new Tom Clancy game from Ubisoft really is and when it is arriving.

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