Nightdive Studios releases new System Shock Remake gameplay footage

Dive deep into 7 minutes of brand new System Shock remake footage, courtesy of Nightdive Studios.

Nightdive Studios, the developers behind the System Shock remake, just released seven minutes' worth of gameplay. The video showcases some never-before-seen footage from System Shock remake, specifically the second level of the game.

The System Shock remake is shaping up to be everything that fans imagined it to be.

Scroll down below to find out more about the new System Shock remake gameplay footage.

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What's in the New System Shock Remake Gameplay Footage?

The new System Shock remake gameplay footage showcases a little over 7 minutes of official gameplay. It's all captured inside the Research section, which, in the 1994 classic title, was the second explorable location.

If you were old enough to have played the original first-person title, you can see just how much effort the developers put into recreating the layout in the remake. What's even more unique is how the studio handled the new gameplay footage.

Whereas most would have settled with brief flashes of gameplay, the new video is a player-focused showcase that isn't afraid to spoil what's looking to be one of the most intense moments in the upcoming title.

Speaking of putting in work, Nightdive Studios nails the feeling of the classic title. The studio doesn't just want to make the remake a "more beautiful" version of System Shock. Instead, it's more of a recreation of the original that aims to retain as much of the charm that made it so beloved in the first place.

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This isn't to say that the visuals are bad. They're great. The atmospheric environment and visual effects are all top-notch. The trailer also managed to capture this sense of foreboding, which was also present in the original.

What's Next for System Shock Remake?

Here's to hoping that Nightdive Studios really does release the System Shock remake sometime this summer.

It's been an eventful past few years for Nightdive Studios and the System Shock remake. It was initially set to be just a remaster of the classic first-person sci-fi horror title. However, the game ended becoming way too big. As a result, Nightdive started referring to it as a "reboot". At one point, the project was even put on ice after things reportedly "got out of control"

Nightdive eventually managed to get past all these roadblocks. After restarting the project with a more intensified effort on focused goals, Nightdive was able to get the development on the System Shock remake running like a well-oiled machine.

Now, Nightdive no longer describes the project as a "reboot" nor as a "remaster". Instead, it's now a "remake" of the PC classic.

With that said, the late summer release window remains for the System Shock remake. Nightdive has yet to provide a more specific release date for the remake.

For those who just can't wait any longer, there is a demo of the System Shock remake that is available on the PC. It's not extensive by any means, and it might only make you even more excited for what's to come. However, if you really can't help yourself, we recommend playing it to get a taste of some next-gen System Shock experience.

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