Rockstar confirms five new story missions for GTA Online this March

The new story missions for Grand Theft Auto Online are part of the final leg of the Los Santos Drug Wars storyline.

Rockstar Games is finally ready to end the fan-favorite Los Santos Drug Wars storyline on March 16.

The upcoming update is the conclusion of the Los Santos Drug Wars expansion.

Rockstar confirmed that it will release five new story-related missions to GTA Online as part of The Last Dose mini-update of the much larger Los Santos Drug Wars expansion. The said missions will come next week and will see players try to uncover the people behind the psychedelic drug trade proliferating in Los Santos.

Rockstar released Los Santos Drug Wars at the end of last year and it's received several updates like new missions, among others. Players can start it by visiting Nervous Ron Jakowski and the Fooliganz to access The Freskhop headquarters and start their own Acid Lab.

Some fans feared that the massive Los Santos Drug Wars update signals that Rockstar is preparing for end-life support for GTA Online. However, according to the game's developers, they're still looking forward to updating GTA Online for many years to come.

But, a leaker did spot proof that a GTA Online sequel is in the works. The same leaker also claims that GTA 6 is going to have DLC content based on cut content from the prequel, as Rockstar pushes hard to release GTA 6 in early 2025.

Rockstar continues to provide quality content with its updates for GTA Online.

Speaking of GTA, 50 Cent just gave a "disappointing" update concerning his earlier cryptic teases. We can only presume that he took down his social media posts because they didn't have anything to do with his upcoming project, Vice City, which will premiere on Paramount+.

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