New Spider-Man: Miles Morales ray-tracing update makes game more gorgeous on PS5

The version 1.10 update makes Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales an even more gorgeous game on the PlayStation 5.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the original Marvel's Spider-Man were two of the first games to receive graphical updates and improvements for the PlayStation 5.

New Spider Man Miles Morales Ray Tracing Update
Miles Morales looks even more gorgeous with the new Ray Tracing update on the PS5.

A little less than a year since then and Insomniac Games just updated Miles Morales. The most recent update adds a marked improvement to the reflections in Miles Morales, specifically when running it on the ray-tracing performance mode on the PlayStation 5.

How much better does Miles Morales look with the update?

New Spider Man Miles Morales Ray Tracing Update
The update seems to be limited to Miles Morales and Rift Apart for now.

Insomniac Games' latest update for Miles Morales was first added to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart when it was released just last month in June. As a result, the ray-traced reflections of Rift Apart had more depth without a notable drop in image quality.

Now, it looks like Insomniac Games has added the same upgrade to Miles Morales as part of the latest version 1.10 patch, which was released earlier this month.

According to the patch notes, the version 1.10 update for Miles Morales added "improvements to ray-traced reflection quality in the Performance RT graphics mode", which is one of the multiple visual modes that players can choose in Miles Morales.

Based on comparisons made by players, the differences aren't exactly "night and day". It's difficult to spot where the improvements lie unless you're looking for them. However, this was to be expected.

Even at launch, Miles Morales was one of the best-looking games available on any platform. The full reflections in windows, puddles, and oceans, among others, were a massive improvement compared to the original version that launched in 2018 on the PlayStation 4. Any improvements on what it already had were never going to be dramatic.

So far, the update seems to be limited to Miles Morales. The original Spider-Man Remastered version looks the same as before, which is a bit disappointing.

Having said that, this is Insomniac Games we are talking about. After trying out the ray-tracing update on Rift Apart, it was only natural for the studio to add it to Miles Morales. It's only a matter of time before we see the update arrive on the original Spider-Man Remastered too.

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