A new South Park game is currently in development, along with new movies

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are working on a third South Park game.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone's satirical animated show, South Park, is a worldwide phenomenon. The series has been a constant in the mainstream consciousness for the better part of the past three decades and it has shown no signs of slowing down.

A third South Park game could be released real soon.

After premiering in 1997, the creators have dabbled in other projects outside of the small screen. In addition to movies, there've been South Park video games as well.

So far, the show's creators have worked on two South Park games. 2014's South Park: The Stick of Truth is one of the weirdest video games that you can play today. It also happens to be a fairly good game.

Meanwhile, 2017's South Park: Fractured but Whole was a surprisingly good superhero video game, even though it intended to make fun of the genre.

Now, according to recent reports, a third South Park title is on its way.

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Is the third South Park game confirmed?

The report comes courtesy of Bloomberg reporter, Jason Schreier. The video game journalist took to Twitter to highlight parts of a report showing that Parker and Stone have established a new company after signing a $900 million deal with ViaComCBS. The aforementioned report also states that the series creators intend to use part of the money to create a new South Park game.

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In addition to a third South Park game, the series creators also plan to invest in several other South Park projects such as producing more movies for the streaming service, Paramount Plus, as well as a weed company (because why not?).

In addition to a third game, more than a dozen South Park movies are reportedly in the works.

At the moment, Jason's report is the first time that we've heard of the third South park game.

He points out that Ubisoft might not return to publish the third South Park game. This makes sense considering that Parker and Stone now have the finances to bankroll the entire project (and quite possibly more). Plus, there's no reason to believe that the new South Park game won't turn out well.

Both The Stick of Truth and Fractured but Whole were critical and commercial successes. In both instances, South Park Digital Studios were heavily involved. Although in the case of The Stick of Truth, the game was developed with the help of Obsidian Entertainment. Meanwhile, Fractured but Whole was developed in partnership with Ubisoft's internal studios.

With that said, all we know for sure is that a new South Park game is in development and it could be coming sooner than we think. Here's to hoping that it makes for quite as grand of an adventure as the previous South Park video games.

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