There's a new record holder for the highest non-infinite damage combo in MTG

According to a recent analysis, the new number is way up in the sextillions, which has 21 zeroes.

Magic: The Gathering makes generating infinite anything easy. You can't say the same for pilling up huge numbers - until now.

Each Magic: The Gathering player starts with just 20 life, which is a small amount compared to the new record-holder.

Good Morning Magic, a popular YouTube channel filled with Magic: The Gathering content, revealed that the highest three-card, non-infinite damage combo dealt 1,211 damage. The reason why we're saying that in past tense is because a new set just multiplied that number millions of times over, literally.

This is all possible thanks to the latest MTG expansion, Streets of New Capenna. Devilish Valet, a new card, has an ability, Alliance, which doubles its power every time you get a new creature into play under your control. As soon as Army of the Damned comes into play, the Valet gets 8,192 damage, which is a lot. But, that's not all. As soon as you flash it back, the Valet gets 67,108,864, because the Valey gets double the power every time a new creature comes and it grows exponentially with every new token.

Devilish Valet feels like a very OP card even when you pair it with just Army of the Damned.

Now, if you think that nearly 68 million is high, that's where you're wrong. Remember, we're just talking about two cards here, and we're already way past the previous record.

Apparently, if you throw in Fungal Sprouting into the mix, the two-card combo of Devilish Valet and Army of the Damned goes bonkers because it brings 67,108,864 tokens into play. So, basically, what this means is that Fungal Sprouting lets you double Valet's power by as much as 67,108,864 times.

Mind you, it's not as simple as multiplying 67,108,864 by 67,108,864 either. We're not math experts here, but, as the channel reveals, the final number is around 302 sextillion rounded down.

Just to give you an idea of just how big a sextillion is, consider that a trillion only has 12 zeroes in it and a sextillion has 21.

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