There's a new, quick way to level weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Want to cheese Vanguard's lengthy weapon levelling system? The solution is to bash in some undead heads in Zombies.

Call of Duty: Vanguard isn't exactly taking the world by storm and has been met with its fair share of criticism - something that can also be said of rival Battlefield 2042 - but there are still plenty of people playing and progressing. If you are one such player trudging through the long process of levelling up your favorite weapons, you'll be glad to hear that a method to speed the process up has been discovered.

Activision released Vanguard last November 5, 2021.

As described in a guide on DownSights, it turns out that the key to unlocking those weapon attachments and earning the 150,000 XP needed per weapon at nearly double the usual rate is to play Zombies - at least this will give players a reason to do so, as the content-bare and half-baked Zombies mode is one of the major points of contention with the game.

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That said, this method doesn't task you with playing Zombies properly, as that would likely be time consuming to a degree comparable with regular play. Instead you need to score just 35 kills against regular zombies, quit the match and start again. Go to 35 again, rinse and repeat.

What's more, you should be using melee attacks, which inexplicably yield more weapon XP. The way the game mode pays out XP results in diminishing returns after you blaze through those first 35 kills and the amount of time you invest beyond that offers comparatively poor rewards.

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Vanguard's Zombies mode is far from a hit, but now at least it gives players a reason to hop in anyway.

Apparently the best approach is to jump into a solo match of Der Anfang, melee all the basic zombies around the initial spawnpoint, then beeline it to the closest Harvest portal where you'll be facing plenty of similarly weak enemies straight away. Bash heads until you've killed 35 enemies and quit.

While this relative shortcut to 150,000 XP does speed up the process, you're still looking at a long grind of punching zombies to death to unlock those weapon attachments. This method is easy but repetitive and tedious, so be prepared for that if you're adamant about grinding out weapon levels fast.

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