New PS Plus goes live in Asia as promised

Check out the entire PS Plus lineup as Sony rolls out the rebrand in Asia first.

As confirmed by Sony in late April, the new and improved PlayStation Plus is now available in Asia.

New Ps Plus Goes Live In Asia
At roughly around .99 a month, PS Plus Deluxe is looking like a steal compared to PS Plus Premium.

Naturally, eagle-eyed fans and leakers couldn't help but get the drop on Sony before the official release. Either way, now that it's out, we can finally give our initial thoughts on PS Plus. Specifically, the two new higher tiers, Extra and Deluxe.

Before anything else, Premium isn't available in Asia. Because most countries in the Asian region don't have cloud streaming, Sony is replacing the most expensive PS Plus tier with Deluxe. Both Premium and Deluxe are the same except for two key differences: no cloud-streamed PS3 games and a lower price. Other than these two things, Deluxe has everything that comes with the PS Plus Extra tier as well as limited-time game trials and a surprisingly good lineup of PS1, PS2, and PSP games.

Moving on, Sony appears to have fallen short of its promise. In its initial announcement, the company claimed that the service will have 700+ games, but the initial rollout isn't close to that figure. The numbers won't match up even if you count the PS4 and PS5 versions of a select few titles separately. Don't worry, Sony assured fans that "more titles will be added soon".

Judging by the looks of it, the primary launch of the new PS Plus in Asia is more like a beta. Sony is probably using this time to iron out some kinks, with some users reporting crashes (via Metro). Most likely, the new PS Plus will go much more smoothly in other regions, starting with Japan on June 1 followed by Americas on June 13.

Keep in mind that not every region will get the same game. Sony confirms that games will vary from region to region. Hopefully, the difference isn't so drastic that sequels of the older titles aren't split between regions.

New Ps Plus Goes Live In Asia
Super Stardust Portable is a criminally underrated title that players can now finally enjoy on their PS4 and PS5.

Speaking of, Sony just published a brand new blog post specifically for Southeast Asia. You will want to check it out if you live in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, among others.

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