Sony's next State of Play should happen by the end of February

With the Xbox Developer Direct and Nintendo Direct over, all eyes are now on Sony, which hasn't revealed its plans for the future.

The launch of the PlayStation VR2 headset is less than two weeks away, with its fast-approaching February 22 release date. By all accounts, it makes sense for Sony to have a State of Play event before that, and yet nothing we’ve heard officially confirms this.

New Playstation State Of Play Showcase Should Happen By The End Of February
What are you most excited for in this upcoming showcase?

But, according to the news reporter and writer Jeff Grubb during his latest Game Mess podcast episode, Sony is due to air out its plans for the near future by the end of this month. It should be smaller in scale to previous State of Play updates, but a bigger one might happen before E3.

The VentureBeat journalist known for his good contacts in the industry also took to Twitter to double down on his claims, saying that the second show is planned to be a PlayStation Showcase, a different entity from and will not be a "bigger State of Play". The first one should be geared towards explaining small updates for specific games, while the latter should be Sony’s opportunity to unveil all of its biggest projects for the year.

With a list of 23 upcoming games on the official Sony website and two active-generation consoles on the market in the PS5 and the soon-to-be-released PS VR2 headset, that second event planned for sometime in June can’t come fast enough. In the meantime, this upcoming showcase should reveal Sony’s plans to finish out the fiscal year strong.

Ultimately, this State of Play Showcase should help Sony reach their 37 million units benchmark for the PS5 by March 31. However, rumors suggest that an updated PS5 design should come by then. It might not necessarily be a PS5 Pro but a slimmer PS5 with a removable hard drive, as the rumors suggest, definitely sounds like a good idea.

This upcoming event should also help generate a bit more hype surrounding the upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset after Sony cut down on sales projections due to low pre-orders. In the meantime, Discord Voice Chat is finally coming to the PlayStation 5 following the latest beta update. A new God of War TV show is also in the works but Sony currently has some bigger issues at hand with Activision and the Microsoft deal.

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