Fans can't seem to get enough of the new Overwatch 2 scoreboard

Many are calling the new Overwatch 2 scoreboard a "game-changer".

In case you missed it, Overwatch 2 finally went into closed beta.

What Overwatch 2 looks right now will be far different from what it will be once the full version comes out.

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As confirmed earlier this year, Blizzard launched the hero shooter's next testing phase last April 27, and fans who got in can't help but share their thoughts on all the changes. In particular, Overwatch 2 players can't seem to get enough of the new scoreboard.

Unlike the original Overwatch scoreboard, the sequel tracks everything from damage dealt, health healed, deaths, assists, and eliminations as the match goes on. The comprehensive tracking for Overwatch 2 is a huge improvement and most fans love it. However, some aren't quick to celebrate the new Overwatch 2 scoreboard.

One of the chief complaints about the new scoreboard for Overwatch 2 is that players who aren't posting "high" stats could be prone to griefing and flaming. Some also believe that Blizzard should add a new stat or two, like how much healing a player has received. Finally, some think that the Overwatch 2 scoreboard has far too many details and is not easy to read.

Ultimately, these are all valid concerns and Blizzard should welcome the criticism. After all, feedback is the point of this entire exercise. The more that players share what they think about Overwatch 2, the better the final product will be. Whatever form the Overwatch 2 scoreboard right now is far from final as it will go through several versions before the full game comes out by 2023.

Speaking of Blizzard, the Overwatch studio is reportedly working on another PvP FPS title.

For what it's worth, keeping stats private to each player makes sense since it helps reduce flaming and toxicity.
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