New Nintendo Leak Reveals 4 Upcoming Games

Another Nintendo leak has been broken on the interwebs. This is notable, as the Breath of the Wild sequel was also been leaked recently. This time, no less than four upcoming games to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Lite platforms have been leaked.

Great Ace Attorney-Nintendo-Switch-Lite

Source of the Nintendo Leak

The Nintendo leak comes from the official Taiwan Game Rating Committee. This is not a surprising source, as national video game rating boards for specific countries will often receive games in advance, so that they can be given an appropriate rating prior to public release.

The ratings are based on the same principles as the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). However, for whatever reason, the Taiwan Game Rating Committee are generally well ahead of worldwide public game announcements, thus leading to leaks.

The four leaked games from the Taiwan Game Rating Committee.

Leaked Game Titles Coming to the Nintendo Switch

The leak might disappoint those anticipating a triple A title from Nintendo itself - like a new Mario, Metroid, Pokemon, or the previously leaked Zelda game. The Nintendo Switch leaked games from the Taiwan Game Rating Committee are all third party titles. Also, not all of them are strictly new or just Nintendo exclusive games.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles collects Capcom's previous 3DS games.

The most significant leak is the new collection from the Ace Attorney franchise, popularly known in the West as Phoenix Wright. This compilation will include Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1 and 2 (aka The Great Ace Attorney 1 and 2), which were previously released in 2015 and 2017, respectively, for the 3DS. Already revealed in late 2020, the collection is titled The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. It was previously leaked that this would be coming to the PS4 and Windows PC. However, this is the first confirmation that The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is also coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The second game of note from the Nintendo leak is Tales from the Borderlands. 2K previously announced this re-release of Tales from The Borderlands by Telltale Games would be coming back to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms. A Nintendo Switch version was never revealed to be in the works.

Secret Neighbor-Nintendo-Leak
TinyBuild's Multiplayer Horror Game Secret Neighbor is a spinoff of Hello Neighbor.

The last two games are TinyBuild Games’ Secret Neighbor and Saber Interactive’s Snowrunner. Both games have already had a strong following. Secret Neighbor is the multiplayer spinoff game of Hello Neighbor. It is a multiplayer social horror game, where a group must work to rescue their friend from a neighbor’s basement. However, one of the members of the group is a traitor.

Meanwhile, Snowrunner is an off-road simulation game, putting players into the role of drivers needing to navigate through extreme climate and terrain conditions.

In Snowrunner, you drive off-road vehicles in this simulation game!

More Nintendo Leaks?

As of this writing, neither Nintendo or the Taiwan Digital Rating Committee have officially denied these game leaks. Could there be more leaks in the future? Keep your eye out for Xfire's continued coverage of gaming leaks, as the news breaks.

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