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The new Need For Speed game rumored to be delayed

Fans were disappointed that the game was not revealed at Gamescon.

The next installment of Need for Speed has been delayed.
The next installment of Need for Speed has been delayed.

All racing fan's eyes were on Gamescom 2022 as they awaited news about all the upcoming games in the racing genre. Unfortunately, one of the most highly anticipated racing sims set to come out later this year, Need for Speed 2022, was not at the event.

Speculations about the game quickly made rounds in the gaming community as hopeful fans have eagerly awaited news of the game’s release. It seems that we will have to wait a little longer as Criterion Games, did not reveal the racing game at Gamescom.

Rumors of a delay were further substantiated by a tweet from Jeff Grubb, a news editor for GamesBeat, saying that the game will be delayed for a month. Even though this news is concerning, a December release is still within the Q3 window.

What do we know about Need for Speed 2022?

Need for Speed 2022 will be set in the fictional Lake Shore City.
Need for Speed 2022 will be set in the fictional Lake Shore City.

We know that the game is coming and have some details regarding the gameplay. Criterion Games and EA have been silent on the game's details with only speculations about when the new game will come out.

Based on the financial reports by EA that the game is slated for a Q3 2022 release, which is between October to December 2022.

Tom Henderson, a reliable gaming insider, speculated that the game will be launched on November 4. Working with the date given by Henderson, fans expected that a game reveal would come during Gamescom which is the only big event to happen between now and November.

It's been a long journey for the next Need for Speed game. EA originally planned to release the racing sim in 2021 but opted to delay it in favor of Battlefield 2042. Hopefully, the delay and the combined forces of Criterion and Codemasters will result in a game that's worth the wait.

If we believe Grubb, this is the case. In a previous leak, Grubb described the game as having photorealistic car models "with anime elements." In addition to this, the racer will reportedly be set in a fictional city, Lake Shore, which will be inspired by Chicago.

An image of the game’s map has been leaked and it looks massive compared to previous games. On the gameplay front, the Need for Speed 2022 will feature an open-world style of racing where players navigate a street course, avoid oncoming traffic and escape pursuit by police vehicles.

There are unconfirmed reports that the new game is set to launch on current-gen platforms only and will skip the older PS4 and Xbox One. Autolog, a social network feature within the game, is set to return to NFS 2022 according to information provided by Grubb.

WRC Generations and Wreckreaction were revealed at Gamescom 2022.

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