Amazon listing leaks new NASCAR game for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is about to get its first-ever NASCAR game later this year in NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+.

Earlier this year, Motorsport Games confirmed that it was going to be bringing over a NASCAR game to the Nintendo Switch soon. The publishers did not confirm which specific game it was, so fans have been speculating ever since - until now.

New Nascar Game For The Nintendo Switch
NASCAR is headed straight for the Nintendo Switch later this year.

It appears that an Amazon listing has leaked exactly which NASCAR game is going to make the series' first jump to Nintendo's hybrid console.

NASCAR is headed to the Switch for the first time

New Nascar Game For The Nintendo Switch
NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+ is set to release on November 19 on the Nintendo Switch.

According to an Amazon listing, Motorsport Games has picked NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+ for the series' debut on the Nintendo Switch. The game was developed by 704Games, the exclusive developers of NASCAR racing games since 2015.

The listing describes NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+ as "the official video game of the 2020 season" and that it will put players behind the wheel and challenge them "to become the NASCAR CUP Series champion." Because it is based on the official 2020 season, players can find the teams, drivers, cars, and schedule from all three NASCAR National Series that took place.

he Xtreme Dirt Tour is included as well, which makes for a total of 39 authentic tracks that players will be able to race on.

Other important content includes the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Roster, 2021 primary paint schemes, 2020 Throwback, and Playoff paint schemes, as well as Tony Stewart as a playable character. It's worth noting that there is no official announcement yet at the moment. Neither Motorsport games nor 704Games lists NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+ on their respective websites.

You can't find the game on the Nintendo Switch store either. However, because it's on Amazon, we can assume that the pricing, details, and November 19, 2021 release date, are all legit. The Nintendo Switch is lacking in terms of the racing games department. There are very few notable racing sims on the console. Of the few, most aren't exactly what you'd refer to as realistic.

This is a long time coming for Nintendo Switch fans. We can only hope that other developers will follow suit and release a port of their racing games to Nintendo's portable console. Maybe Microsoft and Nintendo's close relationship might pave the way for a Forza game to appear on the Switch.

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