New Microsoft Edge App Now for Xbox In the Works

Microsoft's focus on improving the lives of Xbox users in every way that they reasonably can is no secret. They've constantly introduced features that make certain functionalities more accessible and easy to use on their line of consoles. This includes introducing Xbox Game Pass and xCloud, among many others.

Even though browsing on a gamepay doesn't feel anywhere near as intuitive as doing so on your computer or phone, it seems that Microsoft still intends on making it happen.

Now, Microsoft has turned its eyes towards improving the browsing experience of Xbox users.

Say Hello to the New Microsoft Edge App

Browsing is about to become a lot better for the small number of Xbox users who use their console to scour the internet.

Most gamers don't use their consoles to browse the internet. As a matter of fact, the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 have decided to do away with official browsers completely. But, as it seems, Microsoft isn't keen on releasing a browser-less console. As a result, they've decided to release a new and improved version of Edge, Microsoft's very own web browser.

It's worth noting that this is not entirely new. The Xbox One, as well as the Xbox Series S and X, all launched with the Microsoft Edge app. However, the latest update should give gamers even more of a reason not to put their controllers down.

The upcoming new Microsoft Edge app is already drawing rave reviews from Xbox Insiders, with many noting that it is just as good as other popular browsers available such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Unfortunately, as much as we'd like to sing the new Microsoft Edge app praises, it's not exactly without its flaws.

For example, a lot of its features are reportedly not working at all as of the moment. Not to mention, it doesn't seem to have mouse support as of yet. This means that players who aren't used to browsing on their Xbox with their controllers will have a bit of learning to do.

Still, considering the maligned reputation of Microsoft's web browsers, the fact that testers are saying positive things about it is good news. This suggests that the new Microsoft Edge app should be able to offer a highly browsing improved experience on the Xbox console.

As of this time of writing, Microsoft has yet to confirm when they plan on making the new Microsoft Edge app available to the public. They also have yet to reveal what kind of features it will come with once it is available for Xbox users to download. However, if there's one thing we're sure of, it's that Microsoft is just getting started.

In other Microsoft-related news, the multinational technology company has officially acquired ZeniMax Media with Xbox head Phil Spencer confirming that players should expect certain titles to be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem going forward.

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