A new Max Payne movie is reportedly in the works

20th Century Studios is believed to be working on another live-action adaptation of the detective-turned-vigilante.

You might not remember it, but Max Payne was one of the first video game adaptations to do relatively well at the global box office.

If nothing else, at least the first Max Payne film didn't flop hard.

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With Mark Wahlberg in the titular role alongside a then-very young Mila Kunis, Max Payne grossed $85.8 million in theaters worldwide against a $35 million budget. Unfortunately, it didn't do so well with critics as naysayers pounced on Max Payne as soon as it premiered, blasting Wahlberg's acting so much that the award-winning actor received a nomination for a Razzie Worst Actor award.

You'd think that this would've been enough for 20th Century Fox to drop any plans whatsoever to revisit the hit Remedy Entertainment video game again, but you'd be wrong.

According to Daniel Richtman, 20th Century Studios is working on a live-action Max Payne film.

Unfortunately, Richtman didn't specify if the new Max Payne project is a film series or a TV show although we wouldn't be surprised if it's the latter. Max Payne would do extremely well on Hulu and even Disney+ in light of the platform's updated and more relaxed policy about adult shows. Not to mention, Remedy confirmed earlier this year that it's reviving the long-defunct franchise with remakes of the first two games.

If this does happen, we're hoping that the new attempt is more faithful to the neo-noir shooter.

If we're being honest, Mark Wahlberg did nail the look for Max Payne. He just didn't perform all that well.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to seeing Mark Wahlberg in several films later this year if not 2023 such as Arthur The King and Our Man From Jersey. Wahlberg most recently starred in Uncharted, which should get a sequel, alongside Tom Holland as well as Me Time with Kevin Hart.

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