New Lost Judgment behind-the-scenes video shows off amazing gameplay

The game's general director and lead actor take turns drumming up hype for the upcoming Judgment sequel in latest behind the scenes trailer.

The Judgment spin-off titles are proof that it doesn't hurt to make changes every once in a while. By delivering a more action-focused experience to the Yakuza series, the Judgment games, which are now two games deep with the highly anticipated sequel, Lost Judgment, are just as good if not better than the mainline Yakuza titles.

It seems like no one's more excited for Lost Judgment than the game's lead actor.

Naturally, fans are excited to get their hands on Lost Judgment. However, it seems the ones who are most enthusiastic about the entire thing are the game's director and its lead actor.

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Toshihiro Nagoshi and Takuya Kimura talk Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment is expected to release on September 24, 2021.

On July 15 Sega released an 8-minute video featuring an interview with the general director of Lost Judgment, Toshihiro Nagoshi, and the lead actor, Takuya Kimura.

The behind-the-scenes interview takes audiences deep into the upcoming sequel, including providing new gameplay footage.

Of course, what better way is there to show off some Lost Judgment gameplay than by having Kimura reacting to watching and playing as himself?

Just in case you haven't watched the video yet, it sees Kimura feeling equal parts confused and excited about the appearance of his likeness in Lost Judgment.

Kimura seems particularly fond of the portion of the game where Takayuki Yagami sneaks into a Japanese high school as part of an ongoing investigation. Because of his work as a detective, he goes deep undercover and even participates in typical high school activities, which include dealing with bullies.

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Kimura then goes on to question Nagoshi on how he comes up with "this kind of stuff". He even tells Nagoshi that he must have been drunk at the time.

In another part of the video, Nagoshi discusses how hard it was to recreate Yokohama in the game. Then, just a few moments later, things take a lighthearted turn after the trailer transitions to a clip of Yagami pulling out a skateboard and doing tricks off a ramp in broad daylight. Kimura notes how the police would have probably arrested Yagami if he tried doing that in real life.

Other notable parts of the video include Kimura grimacing as he sees his likeness in Yagami getting beaten up by enemies, as well as Kimura's general thoughts about Lost judgment.

It is interesting to see Sega release a behind-the-scenes video right now. Just last week, we reported on Kimura's talent agency not wanting Sega to release the first Judgment game and the upcoming sequel on PC. The way that we see it, this is either a product of poor timing, which is highly unlikely, or it is Sega's way of trying to cover up the controversy.

Either way, it doesn't seem like fans are losing any sleep over this entire fiasco. Audiences are still just as excited for Lost Judgment as they were before.

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