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Season 3 of CoD: Warzone comes with an abundance of new content including new maps for multiplayer, new operators, new vehicle skins, quads and of course new weapons such the Renetti Handgun and SKS Marksman Rifle.

Among these new weapons is a brand new LMG which is yet to be released in the game. You can see an LMG with a "Classified" sign on it on the official Season 3 poster below.

The new LMG is code named "LM_MKILO3" and thanks to leaked footage of this new weapon and the wits of the Call Of Duty fans, the LMG is apparently the M249 SAW. One of the Youtubers named TheGamingRevolution has acquired the leaked footage showcasing this LMG. It does not have complete sound and textures, but the animation seems to have been completed.

This is a classic LMG which has been seen in many previous Call of Duty games as well, most notably in Modern Warfare and later in Modern Warfare Remastered.

There hasn't been much said about when the M249 SAW is going to be released but Infinity Ward recently announced the next update is scheduled to be on April 28 2020, and that it will bring some major changes with it too, including the re-introduction of fan favorite playlist maps such as Shoot the Ship 24/7. The long awaited Obsidian master camo is also set to be released mid season.

This upcoming update is going to be around 15GB according to Infinity Ward and whether the new LMG is included within it or not remains to be seen.

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