Square Enix Just Dropped a New Life is Strange: True Colors Trailer at E3 2021

Empathy isn't a weak feeling. If you ever thought it was, then the new Life is Strange: True Colors trailer will definitely change your mind.

New Life Is Strange True Colors Trailer
Life is Strange is expected to launch on September 2021.

In the latest Life is Strange: True Colors trailer, Deck Nine shows off the overwhelming complexity of empathy, showing off just how frightening this oft-perceived weak perception can be and how much the game's main character will have to go through to endure and overcome it.

New Life is Strange: True Colors Trailer Drops Ahead of September Release

New Life Is Strange True Colors Trailer
Alex's ability to feel what other people are feeling and how she can affect them, as well as herself, will play a key role in the story of Life is Strange: True Colors.

Life is Strange: True Colors isn't expected to arrive until September 10, 2021. However, the hype for the upcoming title just reached a new high after Square Enix dropped a new trailer for the Life is Strange sequel at E3 2021.

Just like the first Life is Strange game with Max, True Colors will revolve around Alex, who must try her best to take control of her power over empathy. All the while, she'll have to uncover and solve the mystery surrounding the death of her brother. However, while most would think that this power wouldn't be too much of a problem to control, the latest trailer shows otherwise as we see Alex struggle to contain her ability to feel what other people are feeling, whether it be deep sadness and grief to overwhelming joy.

As you can see from the trailer, Alex can use her power of empathy in several ways. For one, she can harness human emotion. She can also amplify it. This makes empathy quite tricky to handle, let alone master. It's a complicated emotion that's tied to both spectrums of human emotion. This includes the better ones and the uglier ones, like jealousy, anger, and despair.

The latest gameplay trailer also offers a glimpse of Alex's own personal journey as she goes from resenting her power to learning what a blessing it is.

If we're being honest, Deck Nine might have just outdone itself based on the trailer alone. The True Colors showcase offered an excellent respite to the more adrenaline-filled adventures that seemed to be the focus of other gameplay trailers. Again, it's not just all fun and games. Alex's quest to learn more about why and how her brother died will take her even deeper into her abilities. In particular, how she'll handle absorbing what other people are feeling and learning the secret that they've been keeping all along.

Life is Strange: True Colors was first revealed at the first-ever Square Enix presents showcase. It's set to release on September 10, 2021, on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC, as well as Google Stadia.

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