New leaks suggest GTA 6 could have single-player DLC

Insider claims that GTA 6 could feature single-player DLCs in the form of new cities and missions.

According to a reliable insider, Rockstar Games intends to introduce single-player DLC for Grand Theft Auto 6, something that was very-much noticeably absent from Grand Theft Auto 5.

Seeing the success and popularity of the DLC that it release for Grand Theft Auto 4, fans expected Rockstar Games to introduce single-player post-launch content for GTA 5. However, Rockstar apparently didn't anticipate the incredible success of GTA Online, which resulted in them shifting their focus from single-player DLC to GTA Online, exclusively.

Tez2, who has been a reliable Rockstar Games insider for years now, replied to a comment on GTA Forums stating that Rockstar Games is planning on handling GTA 6 post-launch content the way they initially planned for GTA 5.

According to Tez2, Rockstar Games also had plans of porting Liberty City but was scrapped.

In no way does this mean that GTA Online will not receive proper support in the future. However, in addition to GTA Online, single-player fans should also be able to enjoy a multitude of post-launch content.

Tez2 says that Rockstar Games will release new GTA 6 single-player DLC over time in the form of new cities and missions. Apparently, the first piece of DLC is already even planned, way ahead of GTA 6's release, which will give Rockstar adequate time to focus their energy on other content after launch.

Previous GTA 6 leaks and rumors have indicated that GTA 6 will feature an evolving map, with new cities and missions added over time. This ratifies Tez2's claims even further.

Tez2 explains that the added cities will be similar to Cayo Perico or North Yankton.

This strategy seems optimal for Rockstar Games as it allows the developers to introduce new content and GTA Online heists while ensuring their resource management is not neglected.

The release of Grand Theft Auto 6 is still a long way away and we don't have much reliable information to share thanks to Rockstar Games' ability to plug most leaks about its upcoming games. According to our previous report, fans should not expect to see GTA 6 until 2024-2025.

Hassan Sajid

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