A new Harry Potter film with the original trio is NOT in development

A Warner Bros. Discovery spokesperson has since denied the rumors that a live-action adaptation of The Cursed Child is happening.

Maybe if we talk enough about the live-action adaptation of The Cursed Child, it will happen? A man can certainly hope.

The original run of Harry Potter live-action adaptations ended in 2011 when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 premiered. But, ever since Harry Potter and the Cursed Child started making waves following its publication in 2016, word has spread around on The Leaky Cauldron that Warner Bros. Discovery is thinking about bringing the original cast back to adapt the play for the big screen.

While rumors were especially persistent last week, Warner Bros. has since denied their legitimacy.

In a statement sent to The Mirror, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed that the said report going around over the weekend "is false."

There's plenty of factors in play that make creating a new Harry Potter film difficult, much more so if Warner Bros. wants to bring back the original trio. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, who plays Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, respectively, have since stepped away from the Wizarding World in light of the controversies surrounding J.K. Rowling.

Although Rupert Grint, the actor behind Ron Weasley, has expressed his willingness to come back, it comes with the stipulation that the rest of the original trio agrees first and that seems highly unlikely.

At this point, Warner Bros. Discovery is better off exploring the possibility of a reboot sometime later this decade (or the next one) or waiting until the discussions surrounding J.K. Rowling start to become more positive.

The Harry Potter franchise remains just as profitable as ever despite the controversial views expressed by its creator, J.K. Rowling.

In the meantime, Potterheads aren't exactly left wanting for more. The best-selling video game adaptation so far, Hogwarts Legacy, was met with positive reviews. It's not quite like seeing The Chosen One fight against the dastardly evil Voldemort, but it's not half-bad. Given the critical reception, Hogwarts Legacy could be getting a DLC after it's released on all planned platforms later this year.

Fingers crossed, we'll have an update about the next Harry Potter film by the time the franchise's 30th anniversary comes by.

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