New Halo Infinite Artwork Unveiled Ahead Of E3 2021

E3 2021 is just under two weeks away, meaning that the teases, the hints and the reveals of reveals are going to pick up pace ahead of the all-digital event. Microsoft is throwing its hat in the ring with the long delayed Halo Infinite - and it seems like Bethesda's Starfield might appear alongside it too.

The latest installment of the legendary genre defining sci-fi FPS has had something of a rocky road leading up to now, with an initial planned release date coinciding with the launch of the latest generation of consoles. The Xbox Series X/S has been out for months now, but no Halo Infinite, so we know how that turned out.

Following the delay, the developers released a gameplay demo video a while ago that received a pretty negative response from the fanbase due to seemingly dated visuals and dull gameplay, but that was an early prototype version and not representative of the final product. The team has been polishing the game ever since and took fan feedback to heart when prettying up Halo Infinite.

Microsoft has now announced the exact time and date of their E3 showcase - it will take place on June 13th, 10 AM PT/1PM ET/6PM BST and will be broadcast on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and Facebook. Halo will be sharing the spotlight with some other properties as well, since Microsoft is going to be flexing some of their recent acquisitions.

A Still From Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Demo
You've all seen this one, right

The presentation is titled "Xbox & Bethesda Showcase", which means the publisher's biggest recent addition to the family is going to have a pretty major role. Aside of the inevitable Skyrim port reveals, bringing the dragon slaying adventure to the new consoles and your fridge, probably, the planet seen in the showcase artwork suggests that the mysterious Starfield will also get some screen time.

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Covered by all sorts of logos and circular swirly whatevers is a new piece of Halo Infinite artwork sharing space with that nondescript planet that may be a Starfield tease. Luckily an unobstructed version has also been shared, giving us a better look at this particular squad of Spartan soldiers as they strike a pose for the camera.

Does this rifle make me look fat?

Halo Infinite will be launching on Xbox consoles as well as PC when the time comes - expect a release date reveal at the show - and will depict Master Chief's struggle against a returning enemy from one of the real-time strategy spin-off games, Halo Wars. Developers have revealed that the game features a dynamic weather cycle, and confirmed that there won't be any open world elements in contrary to earlier rumors.

Stay tuned for more E3 and Halo Infinite news!

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