Fans find new Grand Theft Auto 6 setting clue in Grand Theft Auto Online

At this point, Rockstar Games should just go ahead and say that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be set in Vice City.

Rockstar Games has only confirmed two things about Grand Theft Auto 6: it's currently in the works and the leaks from September were legit. But, while Rockstar still hasn't given us details about the setting and characters of GTA 6, we know a few things about it already because of the aforementioned leak. For example, we know it will be set in Vice City, and a recent leak adds even more proof to this.

new grand theft auto setting clue
Rockstar Games is apparently using helicopters now to tease GTA 6.

Fans have spent the past couple of months mapping out how Vice City in GTA 6 could look like, and the result could resemble the final product very closely. Now, there's even more evidence proving that GTA 6 will be set in the same city as GTA: Vice City.

GTA fan "nestorsite" revealed just before Christmas that Rockstar dropped another hint in Grand Theft Auto Online that all but confirms the setting for the next GTA game.

The fan analyzed the artwork found on Rockstar's happy holidays message and they found out that the helicopter looks very much like the ones used by the Miami police department in real life. It's worth noting that Vice City is based on Miami City (just like how Los Santos is inspired by Los Angeles and Liberty City is inspired by New York City). The fan exclaims that "the resemblance to the Miami helicopter is crystal clear" and others agree.

new grand theft auto setting clue
Thanks to the earlier GTA 6 leak, fans are starting to notice more of the hidden clues found in GTA Online.

As the sequel to the best-selling video game of all time outside of Minecraft, GTA fans were always going to comb through everything to find out more about GTA 6. But, over the past few months, eagle-eyed fans are noticing a piling amount of evidence that Rockstar is and has been hiding GTA 6 info in front of us all along. Rockstar has apparently been using GTA Online to tease GTA 6 for years and the recent holiday greeting is just a recent example.

While the most recent tease is as on-the-nose as they can get, we're still waiting for official confirmation from Rockstar Games.

Fingers crossed, Microsoft's estimates are correct and we'll get GTA 6 in two years.

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