New Gran Turismo images showcases David Harbour and Archie Madekwe team up

Fans are getting a first-look at the live-action adaptation of the popular PlayStation racing simulation series.

The upcoming live-action adaptation finished filming in December.

Fans of Gran Turismo have been patiently waiting for updates on the movie. It was just a few months ago that Sony Pictures gave a sneak peek into the movie.

With the movie releasing in a couple of months, fans are now getting treated to a first look into the upcoming live-action adaptation of the Gran Turismo racing game. The iconic racing simulation franchise was developed by Polyphony Digital and has been released exclusively on PlayStation consoles.

The first look images are courtesy were revealed courtesy of Empire, which shows Archie Madekwe’s Jann Mardenborough alongside Stranger Things and MCU actor David Harbour who plays Jann’s trainer Jack Salter.

Archie Madekwe and David Harbour share a moment in the movie.

The development of the massively successful racing simulation series started over a decade ago, but it wasn't until last year that PlayStation Productions and Columbia Pictures finally got things off the starting line with Neill Blomkamp of District 9 fame tapped to helm the ambitious project.  

The live-action adaptation of Gran Turismo is a huge departure from previous video game adaptations. The movie does not take story elements from the video game but takes inspiration from real-world events.

The plot of Gran Turismo is based on the real-life story of Mardenborough who went from being a gamer to a professional race car driver. His skills in the Gran Turismo racing game earned him a slot at the GT Academy and it was there that he showcased his talents and beat 90,000 other participants to win the competition.

His prize for winning was a drive with Nissan at the Dubai 24-Hour race. He went on to compete in the British GT Championship, FIA European F3 Championship, and the Toyota Racing Series. As a professional racing driver, his most successful stint was in the Japanese Formula 3 series where he won four races and placed second at the end of the 2016 season.

Director Neill Blomkamp teased that real actors will be racing in actual racing cars.

Fans should expect some intense racing from Gran Turismo as it features real race cars driven by the actors themselves. "It’s real actors, in real cars, on real race tracks, driving insanely quickly," Blomkamp teased.

The movie isn’t all about racing as the audiences will be subjected to some intense drama. "The north star for me was to make a videogame title with character work that propels the movie, even more so than the racing. Although the racing is bloody intense, too," the director shared.

Gran Turismo stars Madekwe and Harbour alongside an ensemble cast including Orlando Bloom, Geri Halliwell, and Djimon Hounsou. The story is written by Jason Hall and Zach Baylin.

Gran Turismo is racing to theaters on August 11.

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