New Ghostwire: Tokyo trailer debuts antagonist ahead of its spring 2022 release

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, you'll take control of Akito, the lone survivor of a mysterious fog that envelopes the entirety of Tokyo.

Tango Gameworks' next title might have been delayed to 2022, but it appears that the long wait is going to be worth it. Sony included a new trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo at its September PlayStation Showcase, which shows off more of its eccentric and creepy baddies, including a chilling antagonist who's more than happy to torment the main character as he pleases.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is not a survival-horror game. However, you wouldn't know that just by looking at the trailers.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo is looking fairly scary for an action-adventure game

What would you do if you gradually lost your face?

Leave it to Shinji Mikami's studio to make what's supposed to be an action-adventure game look more like a blend of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Then again, this shouldn't come as a shocker. Mikami is best known for fathering the Resident Evil franchise. Not to mention, Mikami also played a key role in some of the most influential titles in the late 90s and early 2000s, including Dino Crisis and Devil May Cry.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is the next game that Tango Gameworks is working on after the release of 2017's The Evil Within 2. However, unlike Mikami's latest pair of survival horror titles, Ghostwire: Tokyo is more of an action-adventure game with Kenji Kimura's directorial debut.

Of course, as you might have now learned from the game's latest trailer (linked above), Ghostwire: Tokyo isn't just about to throw away what its founder is best known for. The dark figure will chill you to your bones as he continues with his speech, saying "People always decry the truth when forced to face it.". He then proceeds to end his statement by declaring that, "A new world will dawn!"

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In addition to what appears to be the game's main antagonist, Ghostwire: Tokyo will include more horror elements as well. Judging from the trailer, players will face off against a fair few nightmare-inducing creatures while in control of a protagonist who loses his face the more he fights. It also appears that the villain is taking a certain girl hostage and using her to taunt the protagonist.

With that said, only time will tell what everything that we just saw from the trailer could all mean.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5.

For those who are unaware, Ghostwire: Tokyo was supposed to be one of the big PS5 exclusives to release this year. However, the game was later delayed to 2022 with the developers explaining that this was necessary to "protect the health of everyone" working at the studio.

So far, plot details about Ghostwire: Tokyo remain thin. All we know is that the protagonist has supernatural powers. He must use them to try and uncover the mysterious disappearance behind the vanishing of the people living in Tokyo, all the while fighting off spiritual creatures inspired by Japanese folklore.

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