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New Flash set Photo leaks Ben Affleck Batman

More set photos leaked from the production of The Flash, this time confirming Ben Affleck’s return as Batman as well as a new Bat-vehicle.

Ben Affleck's Bat-suit. Images: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.
Ben Affleck's Bat-suit. Images: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.

The Flash production is looking more and more crowded, but in a good way. With the newest leaked photos from the set of the DC Extended Universe film entry, we seem to have confirmation that Ben Affleck is indeed returning not just as Bruce Wayne, but in full Batman mode.

Photos have leaked online, through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which show shots confirming that Batman will suit up for the anticipated superhero movie that serves as a bridge from the current DCEU to the new version that will be the basis of future films moving forward. Read further for the uncovered details on The Flash and Affleck's Batman.

Batman Stunt Double

The leaked photos have so far revealed the stunt double that will be doing the action shots for the film. Looking at the suit, it seems there will be more of a segregated look to the updated costume.

Whereas the previous Batman costume that Ben Affleck wore in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League looked more like a single body suit with sculpted areas and padding underneath, the new suit has rigid plates spread out in vital points of the body.

This design is reminiscent of the Dark Knight armor worn by Christian Bale in the Nolan-directed films. Furthermore, there is a resemblance to the suit that Robert Pattinson will be wearing in the film helmed by Matt Reeves, The Batman. Another close resemblance is the Bat-suit in the Arkham series of games.

However, the suit does retain the look established by the cowl that Affleck wore prior. It has the smaller Bat-ears where previous versions, such as Keaton’s and Bale’s were longer and looked more like horns. The distinctive wide neck and traps are also on the cowl’s design. What does appear to be different with this cowl’s design is a visor. It is unclear if this is actually part of the suit or for the practical use of protecting the stunt double’s eyes, and something that might be removed during post editing.

The suit, as seen in the pictures, does not have a cape. This is a standard procedure though, as the current trend is to add the cape as a CGI element in post-production. Actual cloth capes do not billow as it does when seen in these types of films. Moreover, a cape can accidentally get stuck in nooks and crannies, especially when riding a vehicle. Speaking of which…

A new Bat-ride

Another new element seen in the leaked pictures from The Flash set is Batman’s new vehicle. The set pictures has the Batman stunt double riding a modified motorcycle. It is markedly different from the Bat-pod from the aforementioned Nolan films.

The new Batcycle in The Flash leaked photos has a similar design aesthetic as the Zack Snyder Batmobile.
The new Batcycle in The Flash leaked photos has a similar design aesthetic as the Zack Snyder Batmobile.

The design has more of an armored feel. The chassis of the bike is bulkier, with rougher angles. The front is also composed of two tires, instead of one large tire. The leaked photos reveal this is a façade and non-functional, as the actual front wheel is a single, more standard-sized one (which will also be corrected in post-production).

Driving this new Bat-cycle appears to also be in a more traditional style, with an angled but upright torso, instead of the nearly lying flat on your stomach appearance of the Bat-pod. Photos from Twitter user @riderGlasgow also showed the Bat-cycle deploying flaps on the front, forming a shield. The rest of the vehicle seems to be guns and cannons to the sides of the chassis.

This Bat-cycle’s design is consistent with the aesthetic of the Ben Affleck’s version of Batman. It has similar design sense as the more tank-like Bat-mobile seen in Batman v Superman and Justice League, but are more stylish than the look of the vehicles in the Dark Knight trilogy.

What do these leaked photos imply about Ben Affleck’s role?

It was previously rumored that Ben Affleck would only briefly appear as Bruce Wayne in The Flash at the start of the movie. However, these set photos indicate that Ben Affleck’s Batman will not just be wearing the costume, but also be featured in at least one action set piece in a car chase scene.

Of course, thus far, these images only show Affleck’s stunt double. However, with a newly designed Bat-suit and Bat-cycle, it seems to be a lot of effort for only a short appearance. Could this mean Ben Affleck’s Batman will actually have a larger role than previously assumed? Would this mean we can see at least two Batmen on the screen at the same time, with Affleck and Michael Keaton’s Batman teaming up before the film’s climax?

After all, if the film can have two Barry Allens on the screen at the same time, why not two Bruce Waynes/Batmen?

Or could we have two versions of Batman in the DCEU proper? While Flashpoint is the storyline that the film is loosely based on, it does not need to follow the resolution exactly with Flash (Ezra Miller) completely resetting the DCEU.

Could The Flash film conclusion lead to TWO Batmen co-existing in the same universe?
Could The Flash film conclusion lead to TWO Batmen co-existing in the same universe?

That would certainly be an interesting scenario, with a younger and more active Batman (Affleck) operating openly while the older, more experienced Batman (Keaton) serves as the mentor figure for the younger superheroes on the same Earth. This would also allow for the postponed Ben Affleck solo Batman film, which was supposed to have him face off against Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello), to still happen.

Directed by Andy Muschetti, The Flash stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash, Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Kiersey Clemons as Iris West. The Flash will be rushing to theaters November 4, 2022.

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