Techland Just Released New Dying Light DLC Content

The new Dying Light DLC is a great way to pass time while waiting for the sequel.
The new Dying Light DLC is a great way to pass time while waiting for the sequel.

Techland released Dying Light back in 2015. This means that it's been six years since. While Techland is no stranger to providing support and new content for Dying Light over the years, nothing has been as substantial as the new Dying Light DLC content.

Technically, the new Dying Light DLC content is, well, not new. It's merely an expansion for last year's Hellraid DLC, which, by the way, came as a surprise as well.

Still, it's a welcome if not shocking surprise when you consider that Techland should be knee-deep into working on Dying Light 2 right now.

What Is the New Dying Light DLC?

Unless you only bought the base game for some reason, buying Hellraid probably isn't worth it.
Unless you only bought the base game for some reason, buying Hellraid probably isn't worth it.

Let's forget about Dying Light 2 if only for a few seconds. We know that the upcoming sequel has been the talk of the proverbial town for a while now, especially as Techland has done a great job at teasing its latest title and keeping audiences in the loop. However, Techland seems to have found a way to slip something right under us.

Six years after Dying Light 2's predecessor was released in 2015, Techland has added a brand new story mode to Hellraid.

Dying Light: Hellraid was released last August 2020. The paid expansion completely substitutes the modern-day setting of the base game and the fictional city of Harran for a dark and brooding fantasy affair that looks a lot like what you'd see out of a The Elder Scrolls game.

Instead of fighting against zombies, the DLC switches up the formula and has you stomping on skeletons and wizards using swords while exploring dingy dungeons.

Hellraid's been playable in Raid Mode since it was released, but the latest DLC content brings in a new story mode to Hellraid, The Prisoner.

As part of the latest update, Hellraid will get three new playable quests with two new weapons, a new enemy, and even more medieval locations for you to explore. It also updates the lighting systems and sounds in the expansion to help make the gameplay feel much more immersive and true to its spooky setting.

With that said, the addition of a story mode to Hellraid probably won't make it a lot better. It hasn't sat well with audiences due to its repetitive gameplay and environments. But, who knows? Adding a story to Hellride, along with a bunch of other content, might persuade others to give it a try. Although that won't be as easy considering it's not exactly free.

Ultimately, this might just be Techland releasing a DLC for a game that's more than half a decade old because they thought they had a good idea and went for it. It might have failed, but you can't exactly knock Techland for trying. Besides, most of the other DLC that's part of the Platinum Edition is quite good anyway, so what's a couple of misses after a series of hits, right?

If nothing else, this should give you another reason to give Dying Light and its DLCs another shot ahead of the December 7 release date of Dying Light 2.

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