New Disney Plus Parental Controls are coming on March 16

Disney makes a rare compromise in its branding for Disney+ following the addition of "Daredevil" and "The Punisher".

Fans have made much of Netflix losing its Marvel TV shows following an earlier report, leading to all kinds of speculation. Disney finally put all the talk to bed when it confirmed that it intends to transplant Netflix's slate of original shows that are based on Marvel Comics properties to Disney+, much to the shock of many.

In a way, Disney is hinting at a possibility of Marvel Studios picking up where Netflix left off with its shows.

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What's particularly interesting about the inclusion of the likes of Daredevil and The Punisher on Disney+ is that these shows are particularly geared towards a certain audience. The MCU has never had an R-rated movie, but it was bound to happen. After Disney acquired FOX and with it came Deadpool, among many others, it was only a matter of time before Disney had to find a way around this while maintaining its branding, and the latest change takes the media giant one step closer to making that a reality.

Netflix's Marvel shows aren't just the same if they are censored. We're glad to know that Disney realizes that.

You see, while Disney opened its doors to R-rated shows that are very much different from what most Marvel fans are used to, the House of Mouse also prepared its popular streaming platform for what's to come. To that end, Disney+ will introduce a new set of parental controls designed specifically so that kids can't access the more adult-oriented media that are coming to the platform.

For the first time since Disney+ went public, the platform will let parents set up restricted profiles for kids and curate content using content ratings. According to Disney, once the changes are implemented on March 16, subscribers can set their profiles to include everything from "TV-Y up to TV-MA" with the option to add a PIN as a fail-safe measure. Also, kids won't be able to just switch the content rating on their profiles, as such changes will require additional confirmation including the password for the main account.

Disney will be taking a close look at the numbers to see if the inclusion of more grown-up content is good for the brand or not.

With up to 10 different content rating options for Disney+ profiles starting on March 16, the platform minimizes any potential backlash that might come as it transitions to include more mature content.

Only time will tell what kind of shows will make their way to Disney+ now that the platform has started to embrace a "less" family-friendly approach. The good news here is that it opens up an entirely new avenue for Disney to explore, specifically, within the MCU. Many were bummed to find out that Moon Knight, which premieres on March 30, won't be R-rated. But, with its latest announcement, Disney is showing that it's more flexible with its branding than expected, paving the way for future MCU shows and movies like Deadpool 3, which Ryan Reynolds hopes to share more news about soon.

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