New characters confirmed for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

It's not difficult to imagine which characters Square Enix are referring to but some fans believe that the studio will surprise gamers.

Making Sephiroth a playable character wouldn't be the first time in a big JRPG that gamers got to play as the villain. (Image via Square Enix).

Square Enix continues to stir intrigue among Final Fantasy fans. The latest update in its cryptic developer comments hints at new additions in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. The most recent of which suggests that players should expect "new comrades" in battle and even closer cooperation with party members. 

This time around, it was the battle director, Teruki Endo, who shared information about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

As a response to the question, "Has the battle system changed from Final Fantasy VII Remake?" Endo said, "In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, new comrades will join you in battle, and you can cooperate with other party members in even closer ways than before."

This latest comment, the fifth in a string of ambiguous updates, has driven the community to dissect its implications. Who are these "new comrades"? Is Square Enix going to introduce new characters or is Square talking about familiar faces from the original series? Could this close cooperation hint at revamped gameplay mechanics, specifically those related to co-op?

Dedicated FF7 fans are betting that one of the new "new comrades" Square is talking about is Yuffie, who was introduced in the Intermission DLC. Vincent, Cid, and Cait Sith could all be coming as well.

Both Vincent and Cid have yet to appear in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy despite easily being one of the most popular characters in the franchise. The latter, in particular, is part of a long-running gag in the series that every installment has to have someone named Cid in it, particularly in a prominent role. Caith Sith, on the other hand, makes a brief appearance in FF7 Remake.

Yes, Zack. You probably should leave that coffin alone. (Image via Square Enix).

One theory fans believe FF7 Rebirth could introduce is the combo moves that Square experimented with Yuffie and Sonon. It would certainly align with Endo's comments about closer cooperation of the game's party members. The thought of having programmable and automatic follow-up to ATB attacks by other party members helps add an additional layer of excitement to the game.

More importantly, the term "new comrades" has raised questions about whether Zack Fair, who is mysteriously alive by the end of the FF7 Remake, will be a playable character in FF7 Rebirth. Some are even tossing out ideas that Square would make Sephiroth playable albeit temporarily in a flashback to the events of Kalm.

The ambiguity of Square Enix's most recent comments is keeping fans hooked. The team is currently working on finalizing a release date for the PS5 exclusive title, with a promise to tell a compelling story with well-rounded characters and a massive world that players are free to explore.

It's speculated that Sonon is a teaser for Cid's eventual arrival in FF7 Rebirth. (Image via Square Enix)

As the Summer Game Fest draws near, many speculate that these hints could lead up to a major announcement, possibly a release date reveal for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

It's clear that millions of fans worldwide are hoping for this to be the case.

The original FF7 had an expansive cast and it looks like the remake trilogy will add even more names to the roster. (Image via Square Enix).

Although while we're at it, we might as well pray that Summer Game Fest becomes the Square Enix show and we see more information about Final Fantasy 16, Final Fantasy 9 Remake, and Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster at the event as well.

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