Gearbox CEO confirms that a new Brothers in Arms game is in development

However, Gearbox won't be showing off the new Brothers in Arms game until it's nearly completed.

Back in the 2000s, when Call of Duty and Battlefield were just fledgling franchises, they competed with several other shooters, among which is Gearbox Software's Brothers in Arms games.

It's been 13 years since the last Brothers in Arms mainline installment was released.

Brothers in Arms started in 2005 and went on to spawn multiple sequels. Although the game officially has 10 individual releases, the vast majority have been smartphone games and spin-offs. The last major game was the third mainline title, 2008's Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

Fast forward to more than a decade later and it appears that the series' fourth mainline installment is finally in the works.

When is the next Brothers in Arms game going to release?

As part of a podcast interview with Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price, Gearbox Software's CEO Randy Pitchford revealed that the studio's next title is a Brothers in Arms game. Surprisingly enough, it's taken nearly half a year for this information to go around. The podcast was originally made public in April, but it wasn't until recently that it made its way on YouTube.

Confirmation of the upcoming Brothers in Arms game comes while the two CEOs were discussing the colossal failure that was Aliens: Colonial Marines.

It's worth noting that Colonial Marines was also developed by Gearbox. It's easily one of the studio's worst games ever and it appears that Gearbox learned a lot from it. Pitchford reveals that the main downfall of Colonial Marines was its early announcement.

Because of it, Gearbox has learned that it's better not to announce games until they are almost ready. Pitchford cited Borderlands 3 as an example, saying that Gearbox didn't announce the third Borderlands mainline installment "until it was in beta."

Here's to hoping that Gearbox drops a trailer for the next Brothers in Arms game soon.

With that said, a little over a decade is a long time for the squad-based FPS series. However, Pitchford's words do suggest that the game is progressing well. Not to mention, when you consider when the podcast was first uploaded, Gearbox might have made far more development progress already.

In the meantime, Gearbox fans can look forward to the Borderlands spin-off title, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. The D&D-like game was first announced earlier this year with a March 22 2022 release date confirmed earlier this month. There's also a Borderlands movie directed by Eli Roth that features an ensemble cast including Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jack Black, and Cate Blanchett.

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