The new Battlefield 2042 trailer shows off Irish in action

Battlefield 4's ex-marine is the highlight of the latest Battlefield 2042 trailer.

In Electronic Arts' initial reveal, Battlefield 2042 only had four specialists. However, EA promised that more would be coming, both before Battlefield 2042 launches and after it has arrived. True to that statement, EA recently confirmed that Battlefield 4's Irish is headed to Battlefield 2042 as the game's fifth specialist.

Irish is the first post-reveal Battlefield 2042 specialist to be confirmed.

Now, the game's developer, DICE, has released some gameplay footage of Kimble "Irish" Graves in action.

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Irish joins Battlefield 2042 as the fifth specialist

As we learned from the short film, Exodus, the former United States Marine Staff Sergeant is now the captain of the No-Pat destroyer MFS-04 Exodus.

In his gameplay trailer, we see Irish placing his DCS Deployable Cover to help him land hits on incoming enemies. We're then taken to another scene where he's putting down an APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel for protection against incoming fire and explosives.

What is perhaps the best part about Irish's gameplay trailer is that it's the first time EA has shown off this much Battlefield 2042 gunplay. So far, we're loving how much more chaotic and how realistic everything appears.

Speaking of appearances, Irish's gameplay trailer looks like it's set in the Renewal map in Egypt because of its map design.  Renewal is the only map where one half is lush greenery, and the other is a vast expansive desert with a large wall separating the two halves. The two scenes shown off in the gameplay trailer seem to occur inside each respective half of the Renewal map.

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Here's to hoping that this is the first of many Battlefield 2042 gameplay videos

EA might want to start revealing more gameplay trailers for the other Battlefield 2042 specialists.

Even if the company's stance against leaks means that we'll see fewer unconfirmed details from trusted insiders about Battlefield 2042, EA and DICE have done a great job showing off the game. Hopefully, Irish's gameplay trailer is just the first of many for the other specialists.

The action and gunplay of Battlefield 2042 are something that fans want to see more of but EA seems hesitant to show it off. Perhaps EA isn't confident enough yet? After all, Battlefield 2042 is reportedly having performance disparity issues. Not to mention, EA had to postpone the technical test on the PS5.

With that said, the wait for more Battlefield 2042 isn't that long. After the technical test concludes, EA is set to host an open beta test in September ahead of its October 22 launch.

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