New Battlefield 2042 mode to bring back fan-favorite Battlefield maps

It's only a matter of time before we get our hands on Battlefield 2042. However, EA and DICE have left a lot about Battlefield 2042 currently unsaid and unconfirmed. Because of this, many are looking forward to EA sharing more about Battlefield 2042 at the EA Play Live 2021 showcase later this month.

Battlefield 2042 will have a new mode helmed by EA's newly rebranded studio.

What's the name of the new Battlefield 2042 mode?

After much speculation, Battlefield 2042 was officially revealed last month. Just a few days later, a new Battlefield 2042 trailer was dropped, and pretty soon, we'll be hearing more about Battlefield 2042.

As already mentioned, EA and DIC are expected to talk more about Battlefield 2042 at the EA Play Live 2021 event. However, fans don't have to wait until then for new Battlefield 2042 information. Following the rebranding of DICE LEA to Ripple Effect Studios, EA announced that the new studio will take the lead in the development of a new Battlefield 2042 mode.

Battlefield 2042 will try to compete in a world of battle royale shooters without a battle royale mode.

Details about the new Battlefield 2042 mode are still scarce at the moment. However, it's been confirmed that it will bring back fan-favorite Battlefield maps to Battlefield 2042.

The latest Battlefield 2042 news comes courtesy of The Future of FPS stream, as part of the EA Play Spotlight series. A small group of developers working on Battlefield 2042 revealed that the new Battlefield 2042 game mode will include classic Battlefield maps. All of the said maps will be remade specifically to be used on Battlefield 2042.

It's not yet clear as to what extent the maps will be reworked, but it will be interesting to see how the different settings of older Battlefield 2042 maps will be redesigned to better fit with the dystopian future of Battlefield 2042.

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At the moment, no one has any information about what maps will be included in the new Battlefield 2042 mode. However, Tom Henderson, a prominent leaker of Battlefield and Call of Duty games, revealed that the new Battlefield mode will include maps such as Metro, Wake Island, Locker, Siege of Shanghai, Caspian Border, and Arica Harbor.

Of course, as credible as Tom Henderson is as a leaker - he leaked the near-future setting of Battlefield 2042, among others - we recommend taking the said information with a grain of salt.

Then again, if this is true, it wouldn't be a big surprise. Battlefield was once the go-to game for players who wanted large player counts in shooters. However, EA's premiere shooter franchise is no longer the only one on the market where hundreds of players can fight all across a single map. But, with the addition of updated versions of older maps in a new mode, we might just see Battlefield 2042 match up if not overtake its contemporaries.

Most shooters these days have resorted to using battle royale modes to attract audiences. Battlefield 2042 is probably the only one that will not have a battle royale mode, at least at launch.

Here's to hoping that EA Play Live 2021 comes sooner so we can hear more about Battlefield 2042 and the new mode, among others.

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