New Battle Pass System Explained - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2.0

Infinity Ward has gone through a complete overhaul of the Battle Pass system, allowing players to have limited autonomy in what they can unlock first in the pass.

New Battle Pass System Guide Featured

Call of Duty has completely overhauled the Battle Pass system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 while still retaining the "traditional" functionality of the pass.

With the release of Season 1, we've finally got to have our first look at the new Battle Pass, and in this guide, we discuss everything you need to know about the new system. This is how the new Battle Pass works in both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0.

When you open your Battle Pass tab, you will notice a complete combat map referred to as the Area of Operations (AO), instead of the conventional horizontal long strip of tiered content.

With Season 1's release, the AO you see is called The Season 1 Battle Pass AO and is further divided into 21 different areas called the Combat Sectors. These Combat Sectors start from A0 and finish at A20.

A0 is a bonus sector that gives you instant rewards for purchasing the Battle Pass, similar to how you got the rewards in the previous games and their iteration of the Battle Pass. The real grind begins from sector A1.

You must complete all twenty sectors to complete the Battle Pass and earn the final reward. To complete the sectors, you must earn Battle Token Tier Skips. Do not worry, as you earn these by playing the game.

Battle Token Tier Skip New Bp System

Each sector has five rewards, one being the High-Value Target (HVT). The HVT within a sector is the main item of interest. To unlock the HVT, you must first claim all other four rewards within the sector. Once you've claimed all four, you can claim the HVT, which will complete your sector.

A Sector Detailed Look New Bp System

Each reward costs 1 Battle Token Tier Skip to unlock. This means you need 5 Battle Token Tier Skips to complete one full sector. Like the previous passes, you get free and premium content within the Battle Pass AO. The free items are labeled with a 'Free' tag.

Free Label New Bp System

The image of the Season 1 Battle Pass AO focusing on combat sector A1 shows The Orbiter weapon blueprint as the HVT. The four "minor" rewards are the calling card, a double weapon XP token, an emblem, and a free weapon charm.

A Sector Overview New Bp System

Once you've completed sector A1, you can choose to move to either A2 or A3. This is where the new Battle Pass system gives you a little bit of autonomy in choosing what rewards you want to earn first. You can only move to the sectors adjacent to the sector you've currently completed. That means you can only move to the sectors directly connected to your completed sector.

You still need to complete both A2 and A3 for the final reward, but if you find that you're interested in the vehicle skin found in A2 more than the Operator skin in A3, for example, you are free to go with A2 first.

A Sector Overview New Bp System

So, there is a total of 20 combat sectors in a single Battle Pass AO. Each sector has five rewards unlockable using the Battle Token Tier Skips. This means there are 100 rewards, prompting you to earn 100 Battle Token Tier Skips to complete the Battle Pass AO fully.

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