New Amazon Games Studio Opens Up in Montreal

It's no secret that Amazon is constantly working to expand its reach. In particular, they've made no attempt to hide their interest in wanting to get a slice of the proverbial video game pie. They've even had an MMORPG in the works for a while now.

The former core team of Rainbow Six Siege will compose the majority of the new Amazon Games Studio in Montreal.

While we already know a lot about the Amazon MMO, it seems like Amazon wants to double down on their video game investment even further. This is evidenced by their recent opening of a new video game development studio in Montreal, which will reportedly "focus on creating original AAA games".

Amazon Opens Up Montreal Game Studio

In a recent post on their Amazon Games website, Amazon revealed that they have opened up a new studio in Montreal, and that they currently have multiple openings as of the moment. However, their roster is already filled with a number of industry veterans. The majority of them previously held posts at Ubisoft Montreal and worked on Rainbow Six Siege.

This includes Luc Bouchard, who will serve as the head of production, and Alexandre Remy, the head of product. Other former Ubisoft Montreal employees joining the new Amazon Games studio include Xavier Marquis, who will now be the creative director, and Romain Rimokh, who is the current director of the newly-founded studio.

The team has 8 solid years of working on Rainbow Six Siege under their belts. This makes them more than qualified to work on the studio's first project. The game in question will apparently be a new intellectual property and an online multiplayer title.

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In total, Amazon now has 4 different development studios scattered all over the United States. The Montreal studio is the fourth after Amazon established studios in San Diego, Orange County, and Seattle in previous years.

The Video Game Industry Just Got Bigger

With the former core team of Rainbow Six Siege behind it, Amazon Games has a formidable studio in their repertoire. This makes them just one of the many who are taking advantage of the growing video game industry.

As of the moment, there are multiple companies either founding new studios or acquiring smaller studios. This includes Microsoft, which recently acquired ZeniMax Media. Also, another company that's not traditionally in the video game niche is ByteDance. The owners of the video-sharing platform, TikTok, reportedly acquired the developers of Mobile Legends for $4 billion.

Amazon Games is currently working on multiple video game projects, the most notable of which is New World. After facing multiple delays, the upcoming MMO is expected to release in August 2021.

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