The new 10-minute Forspoken trailer shows off its massive open world

Square Enix's upcoming open-world fantasy action RPG is looking less like Final Fantasy and more like Devil May Cry.

Square Enix is back with another trailer for Forspoken, a game that should have been out already in October but has since been delayed "strategically" to next year.

New Minute Forspoken Trailer
Forspoken will be one of the first AAA games that will come out next year.

The upcoming open-world adventure game by Luminous Productions. This is the same set of people behind 2015's Final Fantasy XV. As expected, Forspoken looks as stylishly massive like the last numbered Final Fantasy installment to hit store shelves. But, unlike the more well-known IP, Forspoken will feature an original story starring Ella Balinska as Frey Holland. Frey is an "ordinary young woman who must harness her magical abilities" to survive the perils and dangers of the "beautiful yet cruel" world that is Athia.

The latest Forspoken trailer introduces us to the capital city, Cipal. The safe haven plays host to citizens and refugees taking shelter from the corrupted forces scattered all across Athia.

New Minute Forspoken Trailer
Forspoken could be the key to Luminous Productions realizing their original ambition plans for Final Fantasy XV.

Judging from the 10-minute gameplay footage of Forspoken, the game will likely follow the standard AAA RPG formula. But, while Forspoken isn't the most unique game as far as NPC interactions, Square Enix does guarantee players "total control" over Frey's movement. As you can see from the trailer, Frey has access to a slew of magic-enhanced parkour skills that let her traverse from point A to point B with little to no trouble.

Square Enix promises that it has far more of Forspoken to show off before the game finally comes out on the PC and PS5 on January 24. However, we worry that we've already seen enough and to see more would spoil the game already.

After making headlines for its interest in NFTs, Square Enix has become rumor mill fodder in recent months. Following the earlier fire sale of its western subsidiaries to Embracer Group, the Japanese giant is reportedly preparing itself for a Sony acquisition. To that end, Square Enix revealed in its latest earnings report that it is open to selling stakes in its remaining studios.

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